what skincare do I need

Hi!! I'm Hurley.

Who Am I?

πŸ’™ πŸ’™~wife, mom, sister, friend, organizer, crafter, mentor, previous HS teacher, athlete, coach, prior sun worshiper, dog mom, grammar nerd, designated driver, chocolate lover, Dr. Pepper drinker, fan of daisies, and a daily learner πŸ’™ πŸ’™

My Background

~I'm a former high school teacher and coach with a Masters in Public Administration. I married into the Air Force and enjoyed 18 years as a military spouse before my husband retired in 2020. My three kids keep me entertained and busy. I enjoy organizing, traveling, crafting, mentoring, teaching, and being outside. My organizational skills (thank you genetics and self help books) have helped me stay calm throughout our 10 moves, keep track of my craft supply collection, plan family activities, mentor others on a variety of topics, support my entrepreneurial team, and work on my dreams. I love being busy.

~When I was in middle school, we chose nicknames for everyone on our sports team. Before anyone else could suggest it, I said mine would be Freckles. I wanted to be in control of that name and not allow myself to be teased anymore. If I was going to be called Freckles, I had to own it. It was brave; we even had our nicknames across the back of our shirts. Confidence is built from the inside and the outside. Many times I faked it until I made it. 

~In 2003 I became an Independent Consultant for the skincare company Rodan + Fields. I am a shower face-washer turned skincare lover, and I'm proof that it’s never too late to start using skincare. There are ways to learn and stick to simple routines that will make your life simpler and rewarding, and I can teach you. I also work to improve self-care + confidence. I help you grow from a #ShyGenXer or #SkincareAmateur to #SelfCareCapable by sharing tips and tutorials to build your confidence. (I might be a bit sarcastic, too.)

My Goals

~I want to see and create more positivity in our world. I believe in myself and in others.  I want to reveal more beauty by showing others how to recognize and improve their confidence through self-belief and self-care. It is important how we see ourselves, but also how we see and appreciate others.

~Join me to find your beauty and confidence through self-care and support. I want people to discover their inner and outer beauty and develop a personalized routine to embrace it. It is important to find your confidence and recognize the good things that surround you. Having a #SafeSpace is important, too. 

~Well, that's me in a nutshell. I'd love to get to know you, as well.  See ya soon.