Hi!! I'm hurley.

I am excited that you came across my hurleythurston.com site. From here, you can connect to me, Thoughtful Givers and Hurley's Hangout. I look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you. We are better together.

Thoughtful Givers is a place for like-minded #ThoughtfulGivers who value consideration for others by gifting things, big and small, to help people feel joy and feel special. Click for more info.

Hurley's Hangout is a #SafeSpace for #SkincareAmateurs who want to find and increase their self confidence and real beauty in a fun community of support and learning. Click for more info.

Who is hurley?

My Background

I am a former high school social studies teacher and coach of soccer and volleyball with a Masters in Public Administration. I enjoyed 18 years as a military spouse before my husband retired in 2020. My three kids keep me entertained and busy while I organize, travel, craft, mentor and play adult soccer/volleyball. My organizational skills (thank you genetics and self help books) have helped me stay calm throughout our 10 moves, keep track of my craft supply collecting, plan family activities, mentor others in a variety of topics, and best utilize my day. Life is not always calm, but it is always better than boring.

My People

Are you fun? Do you have kids (spouses count)? Are you busy? Do you enjoy gifting things or acts of service? Are you a skincare newbie or even a non-skincare user? Do enjoy making others happy? Do you wonder if skincare is really beneficial? Do you try to give personalized gifts to people?

I see the internal and external benefits of gift-giving and can take you from being someone with scattered ideas about giving appropriate gifts, to being confident, organized and inspired to create simple, but thoughtful gifts. I am also a shower face-washer turned skincare lover, and I'm proof that it’s never too late to start using skincare. There are ways to learn and stick to simple routines that will make your life simpler and rewarding. If you are a #thoughtfulgiver or a #skincareamateur, you are my people.

My Goals

I want to see and create more positivity in our world.

~Follow me into thoughtful givers to learn more about why we should gift, how we should gift, when we should gift, etc. It is not about the amount of financial worth or time spent on it that is valued; it is about the well-intentioned thought. Those who feel seen and heard are more appreciative and loyal.

~Join me in hurley's hangout to find your beauty and confidence through tips, stories, and conversations. I want people to discover their inner and outer beauty and to develop a personalized routine to embrace it. It is important to find your confidence and recognize the good things that surround you.

My Purpose

I believe in myself and in others. I want to teach others to learn various gift-giving styles by sharing the beauty of gift-giving with a purpose. I also want to reveal more beauty by showing others how to recognize and improve their confidence through self-belief and concern-targeted skincare. It is important how we see ourselves and how others see us.

I am motivated, team-trained and specialize in one-on-one consultations for my teammates and customers. I care for my clients and cater to the full-service customer experience. I recruit, train and support my teams whenever needed.