About Hush Your Mind

Hi, I'm Annie Moussu, a spiritual coach who offers practical wisdom to awakening souls at HushYourMind.com.

You’ve had glimpses of reality. You know you’re not who you thought you were… You’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

But that doesn’t make things easier.

You still get stuck in old stories. Emotions trigger you easily. You beat yourself up and feel unworthy of amazing relationships. When will the pain end?

I’ve been there.

Depression, addictions and codependent relationships have brought me to my knees. More than anything, I wanted to be free.

Years later, I’m here to tell you: Peace and joy are possible. But you must embark on the most extraordinary journey inward. You must embrace uncertainty and surrender to your worst fears.

Our greatest gift to the world is finding inner peace.

You’re not alone. I’m going to guide you toward your light.