Are you putting your heart and soul into your business but still struggling to make money? 

Do you feel nervous about charging what you're really worth, even though you know, deep down, you give amazing value to your clients? 

Or maybe you hesitate to put yourself out there because you're afraid you're not ready, not worthy, or not experienced enough? 

What I recognise now though, is that there’s a consistent thread that ran deeply through me, that also runs through all the women I work with, no matter what their background or current situation.

That consistent thread is a lack of self-worth.

In business, believing that you’re not worthy can manifest in so many different ways…

  • Not finishing what you start
  • Feeling uncomfortable asking for money
  • Not asking for a fair price for your services
  • A lack of energy to do what it takes to drive your life and business forward
  • Feeling so scared that you can’t even take the first step with bringing your brilliance into the world.

That’s why I’ve created this 5-day course. I want to show you what’s possible and that you really can break through all of your stories that are holding you back from your greatness.

Take my hand...

In this 5-day course you'll receive...

Your course starts on Monday 26th April 2021 and all content will be delivered directly to your inbox. On days 1 through 4 you’ll receive a gorgeous workbook with coaching prompts designed to help you find clarity in each important I AM area...

Day 1: I AM More than Enough

Have you ever noticed how people frame things with negativity and downplay the positive? What we say to ourselves can be just as negative. Be aware of your self-talk.

Day 2: I AM Confident

Confidence is about showing up for yourself – all the way. No more hiding, no more waiting, and no more putting it off until someday later. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one – your time is NOW!

Day 3: I AM Deserving

The most important three words you can say to yourself are “I am enough”. The truth is, words shape our reality. If you choose different words you get a different reality.

Day 4: I AM Ready to be Seen

Life is not about side-lining yourself or postponing your happiness until later. It’s time to take one small step every day towards being seen and heard. Your clients are waiting for you! 

Day 5: Live Q&A

On day 5 we’ll wrap up our time together with a live group call. You’ll have the opportunity to share your aha-moments, receive some one-to-one support and have your questions answered.

At the end of our 5-days together, you’ll walk away feeling much more confident in yourself and your business. Your self-esteem will be heightened, and you’ll have tools that will help you to overcome procrastination and take action!

About Ilana...

Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Mindset Money Coach and NLP Practitioner. She’s the founder of Mindful Money Coaching and helps women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype. By understanding their money stories, Ilana helps her clients change their money behaviours. Ilana believes we don’t have business problems, but personal money issues that show up in our business or work. Her work is fascinating and really needed by a lot of women who are ready to get themselves and their businesses out into the world in big ways.

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