Does this sound like you?

  • You feel the pull to learn, shift and grow your intuitive knowledge but you are unsure where to begin.

  • You feel disconnected, ungrounded or uncertain about how to manage your energy and thrive in the days ahead.

  • You have been waiting for the “right time” to jump into a new personal project or cycle, but feel stuck where you are.

  • Fear of change is holding you back from living with more passion, joy and purpose today.

  • You are finally ready to let go of self-doubt and overthinking in order to create more fulfilling life experiences.

  • You often feel physically and emotionally drained by others.

  • You are struggling with opening your heart and finding more emotional connection with others.

  • You instinctively know the answers you are seeking but have trouble trusting your inner wisdom.

  • The time is right to finally break through personal resistance and obstacles so you can grow and expand your confidence and personal power.

You Will:

  • Gain a new and deeper understanding of the energy body which contains your superpower centers, so you can feel physically centered, emotionally balanced and mentally calm.

  • Learn practical tools for getting grounded, releasing fear, and clearing obstacles so that you can manifest your goals from a place of confident action.

  • Expand your level of consciousness so that you can clearly vision the future and use your higher super senses to overcome resistance to change.

  • Grow your ability to activate your communication superpowers in order to express your truth and to ask for what you want.

  • Uncover the super power that clears negative emotions and experiences in order to attract more love and personal well being.

  • The Wisdom of the Chakras

    begins on April 18th

    Why You’ll Love It...

    Heart Centered Guidance

    6 live learning modules covering each energy center including hallmarks, symbols, imbalances and specific empowerments.

    Live Chakra Meditations with Q&A

    2 live meditations via zoom with Alison to deepen the teachings clarify understanding and answer questions. Each call will include a group reading.

    Private FB Group

    Membership to the exclusive FB group to connect with other like-minded wisdom seekers to exchange ideas and insights.

    Guided Meditation

    Downloadable guided imagery support for daily chakra balancing to expand your understanding of the chakras for transforming the subtle levels.

    Chakra Journal Prompts

    Downloadable chakra journal prompts with extra practices and inquiries to dive deeper into discovering your unique energy body.

    Lifetime Access

    Unlimited lifetime access to the full program.

    Six heart centered learning modules to activate your superpowers:

    MODULE 1: Welcome Home- The Root Chakra

    You Will:

    • Learn how your Root Chakra connection works, how to ground your energy and plug into the support and abundance of the earth.

    • Understand how the element of earth and specific earth symbols help us to release fear, stress and learn to trust ourselves.

    • Uncover root chakra practices to boost your ability to anchor new ideas, support physical body healing and find your daily ritual.

    MODULE 2: Rediscover Receptivity- The Sacral Chakra

    You Will:

    • Explore the emotional super power of the Sacral Chakra and how to activate the energy of pleasure, flow and receptivity in your life.

    • Discover how the element of water and water symbols are essential for us to open to more joy and connect with others.

    • Open the door to sacral chakra practices to enhance creativity, support emotional balance and feed your personal self-care.

    MODULE 3: Shine Your Light- Solar Plexus Chakra

    You Will:

    • Meet the powerhouse Solar Plexus Chakra and learn about the multi-faceted energy which is the basis of strength, personal power, confidence and charisma.

    • Learn how the element of fire and fire symbols are activated to jumpstart your new path, projects and energy.

    • Understand how solar plexus practices help to harmonize and balance fire energy, build confidence, direct your personal light and find new direction.

    MODULE 4: Reawaken The Heart- Heart Chakra

    You Will:

    • Embrace the personal wisdom power which resides in the Heart Chakra.The energy of the spiritual heart is the foundation for love, appreciation, compassion, forgiveness and healing.

    • Discover how the element of air and air symbols are expansive for the heart and can help support deepening relationships, growing love and infusing understanding into all areas of your life.

    • Uncover specific Heart Chakra exercises that help to release grief, open the heart and let love flow.

    MODULE 5: Speak Your Truth- Throat Chakra

    You Will:

    • Learn the superpower of the Throat Chakra and how to use this energy center to express your truth, higher creativity and voice in the world.

    • Understand how the element of space and sound symbols are part of the anchoring of speaking, creating, and expressing at higher levels. Throat chakra healing is essential to personal empowerment.

    • Deepen your knowledge and hone specific Throat Chakra practices to strengthen your personal message, communication and feel heard in the world.

    MODULE 6: Align Your Vision And Connection- Third Eye and Crown Chakra

    You Will:

    • Tap into the superpowers of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. These subtle energy centers are the visioning and connecting gateway to higher learning, intuitive development, and group consciousness.

    • Discover how these energy centers work to support intuition, higher awareness, and empower your inner knowing to help visualize your intentions.

    • Learn directed practices that assist in keeping you connected to inspiration, higher knowledge and universal understanding.

    BONUS #1

    Free 5 Element Tune Up Guide ($48 value)

    Tune Up Your Elemental Energy

    What You Get: 10 page eBook Guide with specific information on working with the Five Elements and Mudras to activate and support your awakening energy.

    BONUS #2

    Violet Flame Meditation ($78 value)

    Special Live Meditation with Alison

    What You Get: Invite to a private live guided meditation class with Alison to deepen your chakra connection and clear blocks using the powerful violet flame energy. Group card reading will be offered anchor the energy.

    Here is everything you get when you sign up for The Wisdom of Your Chakras:

    The Wisdom of Your Chakras Course

    Begins Monday April  18, 2022

    Live modules dates include:

    4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23

    Live class is 7:00-8:30 EST

    Recordings will be posted next day

    Q&A via FB page

    Live Meditation dates TBA

  • 6 live heart centered learning modules covering the chakras and their unique superpowers and attributes with specific teaching, practices, insights and empowerments. (Value $900)

  • 2 Live Meditations / Q&A calls to answer questions, share experiences and offer additional support to the teachings. (Value $220)

  • Special guided meditation download to deepen the practice (Value $55)

  • Wisdom of Your Chakras journal prompts (Value $38)

  • Access to the private Facebook group page

  • PLUS these BONUSES:

    Tune Up your Elemental Energy Guide (Value $48)

    Violet Flame Meditation (Value $78)

    Total Value $1339

    Your Price- Just $297- WOW!


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    1 Easy Payment of $297

    You save $79

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    Wisdom of the Chakras begins April 18th!

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    What People Are Saying About Alison:

    "Working with Alison has changed the course of my life in beautiful and exciting ways. Feeling lighter and tingly after my first reiki session with her, I knew I wanted more! Her manifesting classes help you harness and focus your energy to get you unstuck - things just start happening... If your goal is to manifest the life of your dreams and feel good while doing it, you won't go wrong with any of Alison's courses. Let the positive, good vibes flow!" —Rebecca U.

    "Alison is a beacon of light...a master of her craft who loves sharing her gift of healing with others. I have participated in several meditations with Alison where she takes you on a beautiful journey of self discovery, healing , and empowerment all wrapped in love and gratitude. Her classes and meditations have brought healing, inner peace and infinite wisdom to my life. Beyond GRATEFUL to know this beautiful lady." —Janay O.

    "Alison has created an amazing sacred community and her guidance and wisdom along with all the tools that she teaches and shares are invaluable to me. What is most unique about what she has to offer is the diversity and depth, it is unlike any other resources that I have used. I rely on her guidance in my personal, spiritual as well as my emotional life daily! I am also so excited to see where she will take me next!" —Bonnie S.

    "I have know Alison for at least 7 years now and I can honestly say that she has helped me on numerous levels and through some personal traumatic events. When my world came crashing down she stepped in with a foundation for me. Alison is talented individual with a broad understanding of the human energy system, she is a wonderful teacher, yoga instructor and coach! I cannot recommend a more talented, kind, caring and intuitive person for you to work with!" —Lisa M.

    "Alison beautifully offers the right tools, inspiration and support to use the laws of the universe to change your life. It taught me how to take control of my own life path and manifest abundance, magic and authenticity in my everyday life. I am forever grateful for this experience." —Trina A.

    "Alison has brought a sense of peace and ease in sharing of her immense knowledge and passion. She shares so authentically and without judgment. With Alison's guidance and the support she has created in various groups, I've learned to connect with Goddesses, angelic power and mostly- myself!" —Gila C.

    Meet Your Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will I learn in this program?

    You will learn all about the energy body and specifically how to activate your superpower centers- the chakras-which are the wheels of energy in the human energy system.

    I am new to the topic of the chakras. Will the program be too advanced for me?

    Absolutely not, we will start from the basic concepts and build from there.

    How many sessions are included in this program?

    There are 6 live on-line sessions, 2 live meditation sessions and downloadable guided imagery and journaling support sessions.

    How much time will this program take each week?

    You can watch the weekly live learning session and/or guided meditations on your own schedule as they will be recorded for playback and review.

    I’ve been studying yoga, energy, healing for years- will this program be too basic for me?

    The program covers these concepts through a unique lens. You will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the chakras and activate them to heal and create more fully on multiple levels.

    What are the dates of the program?

    April 18th through May 23rd

    What happens when the program ends? Will I have access to it?

    Yes, the content will be available to you as lifetime access after completion.

    How much support will I receive?

    There will be FB group opportunities to ask questions and exchange experiences with others in the group.