Gluten-Free Substitution List for Home Bound Times

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Now More Than Ever

Being stuck at home may cause concern about having the food you need. Now more than ever think about shopping your pantry for substitutions so that you can minimize your trips to the store.

Meet Jennifer

Ready to finally create a gluten-free life you love? 

As the creator of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot, Jennifer helps moms and families fall in love with their gluten-free life. Having Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in her family, she knows exactly what you are going through. Jennifer helps empower your kitchen skills to gain back your energy and learn how to change your plate to change your life. You’ll be amazed as your family starts devouring your new gluten-free meals. She’ll help you ditch the overwhelm and have you back with coffee with friends, lunch with the girls and traveling to the beach on vacation. No more sitting on the couch and missing out on life!

When Jennifer is not whipping up a new gluten-free treat, you can find her sneaking off to read a good book, going for a walk or snuggling up with her family for games or even binge-watching Netfix.

You can find Jennifer’s support and recipes at Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot