This is a truly exciting time for Motives Beauty Brands, as we are redefining what is possible for an entrepreneurial spirit who has the WHY to do what it takes in taking their business to the next level. We are here to help with the WHAT and the HOW.

One of our initiatives, is to create more content that represents what our brand and business is all about – which is claiming one’s authentic beauty! 

We want to pave the way with more personal, inclusive, and authentic content. And because we know that the people we are closest to have a far greater impact on how we define beauty – we want YOU to help empower our community of Beauty Advisors to live out their truth and express themselves with products that help them claim their right to define beauty on their own terms. You can do this by helping us showcase and educate others with our new product launches and monthly product features. We realize we need to mesh the real-word, hands-on experience with the technology offered through social media and e-commerce platforms.

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We have some fun projects planned and I would LOVE to involve as many of you as possible. Men, women, of all ages world wide, anyone can participate!

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