We are Coming SOON!

Doors to the membership will open really soon! We are very excited to tell you all about it. Be the first to know and sign up to our waiting list for updates and launch information.

How do we help?

Hello we are so excited you have found us! We know that being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs out there! Most people become a teacher to give back, make a difference and inspire children to become amazing adults. The truth is though, that sometimes you will find yourself feeling disempowered and drained. You might find that some children in your class are really hard to teach and inspire. Some of them seem like they don't even want to be there. You try everything you can but it is disheartening and stopping you from being able to teach how you imagined you would. Or maybe you are really tired, planning takes more time that you would like and you are feeling the emotional and mental drain.

That is where we come in! We want to help you re-discover how amazing you are and guide you through how to manage the tough bits. Especially when it comes to supporting those particularly difficult children. That is our specialty, in fact, our founder - Shahana Knight will be alongside you the whole way. She is a pioneer in the industry and is a childhood trauma and wellbeing specialist. She will help you explore some of the challenges you are facing, reframe them and give you loads of strategies and techniques to use. To be honest, she will change your whole perception of what a teacher is! Putting wellbeing at the heart of all you do :)

Our whole ethos is about supporting the mental health and wellbeing of both you and the children in your class. You do not have to do this alone!

Explore other ways we can help while you wait

We are so excited to tell you more but whilst you wait why not check out some of the other ways we can help you..

Listen to the podcast
Each episode is released on a Thursday and gives you weekly inspiration about how to become more therapeutic in your approaches

Free resources
Explore a range of free lesson plans, live lesson's and resources for you and your class

Keep an eye out for our next email about the membership! Until then take care and stay in touch :)