Think Yourself Thin - 3 Day Challenge!

From dieting miserably to food freedom... Join the challenge that is helping women to finally stop dieting!

During my 3 day challenge you will learn how to change your relationship with food and lose weight without dieting!

I work with women who are fed up of dieting (unsuccessfully) and feeling guilty every time enjoy a treat on a weekend before going right back to restricting foods on a Monday.

I help my clients get rid of negative behaviours including yo-yo dieting, binge eating and emotional eating by helping them to change their mindset and relationship with food so they can move forward and achieve their happy confident weight -- with absolutely no dieting!

Join me in the 3 day challenge to learn why dieting isn't working for you, how to you could be holding yourself back from achieving your goals and what changes you can make to be your happy weight permanently in a natural, fun and sustainable!

Together we will look at

- Diet mentality and why diets end up failing 99% of the time

- Reasons your mindset could be holding you back from achieving your goal

- How to combat negative eating behaviours such as emotional eating, binge eating and boredom eating

This is not your average weight loss challenge.

If you are sick of dieting, fed up of cutting out foods you enjoy or tired of starting again every Monday, this is exactly what you need. Why not join other likeminded women who are looking to achieve, happiness, confidence and a body that makes them happy.

Reviews of those who have worked with me:

"The past few weeks I've not been on a diet but there's definitely been some major shifts in terms of my attitude towards food. I've not been constantly weighing myself either. I tried on a dress that was a bit tight a few weeks ago and it felt really comfortable and not tight anymore.

I stepped on the scales with some trepidation this morning and 8lbs has gone.

These changes are definitely making a big difference!!! Without the starvation diets!!!"

"along with other disciplines iv let go of a stone n half still have a few to do . getting in the right mindset and staying focused, and group feed back really supports me to stay on track and invest in myself once a week. great course, thankyou very much"

"Just wanted to update you that I'm still not having sugar. I don't know what's happened but even if I go to take a chocolate something stops me picking it up and eating. I haven't had sugar for weeks now. Thanks for your help with this. Xx"

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