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Cursed in love death was coming for her once again... 

Sexy, smart and career ambitious,  South African Detective Scarlet Anne Martins get's the career opportunity of her life -  working for the NYPD in The Special Crimes Unit.  After landing a high profile case involving the escape of a notorious serial killer, her career jumps from NYPD freelancing detective to consulting for the FBI. 

But never had Scarlet imagined how quickly those dreams could slip through her fingers when she meets her new partner Agent Blade, who appears to have a vendetta against the serial killer she's assigned to bring down.   
At a shocking turn of events, Scarlet finds herself a fugitive in a foreign country after being framed for a fatal bombing and aiding the escape of this Serial Killer. She starts to suspect her new partner was put on her path as a distraction, but despite herself she can no longer deny her feeling for Agent Blade, and her desperation to save him will ultimately be what could kill them both. 

The Free Gift

Luck: A what if Novel by Isabella White

What if....Jane didn't break up with Frank. What if Holly and Jamie went with Frank and her mother to 'a someone specials', engagement party that was held at the White River lodge in Montana and Holly walked into Bernie. What if....the third novella in the 'what if' series. All different versions of how Jake and Holly's road could've met so much sooner. Different truths, different scenarios, a complete different alternative novella to Secret Love #2 in the 4ever series. 

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