Are you ready to start reclaiming your immune system?

Join me and hundreds of others for the 21 Day Immune Boost Program.

It is essential that the immune system works properly in order for us to stay alive and be healthy. Our Body is fighting every day against germs, microorganisms, viruses, toxins and different foreign substances. Although we do not feel it, our immune system is continuously working.

Poor nutritional habits, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., decrease the immune system functions. When this system slows down diseases start to appear.

And let's face it, we like to be together, we need support and we want to boost our immune system - especially during this time.

If you’re ready to start reclaiming your immune system, join me and hundreds of others for the 21 Day Immune Boost Program. The 21 Day Immune Boost Program is a Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Treatment Program that will help you make the changes needed to heal your immune system and live a full, active and healthy life. 

Program Starts April 13, 2020



Come join us and learn about food, stress, sleep, healing your gut, detoxing your body and get amazing support along the way. While supplements will add benefits especially if you have an autoimmune disease, they are not required for you to benefit from the program!

In this groundbreaking 21 Day Immune Boost Program, you will:

Heal the Gut

Heal your gut to reduce inflammation and lay the foundation for a healthy immune system.


Learn how stress and trauma can trigger autoimmunity and what to do about it.

New Habits

Learn how to create new habits that will put you on the right track for life!


Detox your body to eliminate those nasty and invisible environmental toxins that suppress the immune system.


Discover immunity-boosting herbs and supplements you can be taking now (and how to get them)


Recommit to the most important immunity-boosting lifestyle practices

Self Care

Learn immunity-boosting self-care techniques you can do at home

Take Control

Take control of your anxiety with knowledge and actionable steps


Connect with others during a time of social distancing

About the Program

This 21-day Immune Boost program is designed to rid your body of the toxins left by poor foods, so you can ditch the extra weight, boost your immune health, and replenish your energy and vibrancy! You can reset your health in just 21 Days (30 days if your participated in the 7-day Healthy Kick Start Challenge)

Why This Program Works


You’ll be part of an exclusive community that is committed to healing your immune system and staying connected during the program. You’ll never feel alone on your immune recovery journey.


You’ll work with a live coach and follow a guided step-by-step plan that’s easy, inspiring and that will get you results.


My name is Roxi Taylor and I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Strategist and author of "No Prescription Needed". I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 17 called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that severely compromised my immune system. By changing my habits using the methods you will learn during this program, I shed over 100 pounds (in just 12 months), repaired my immune system, healed my prediabetes and completely reversed that "incurable" disease. I am on a mission to empower others to take back their health for good!

Program Features

This program has 50+ features and benefits. These are our favorites:

20+ Immune Boosting Recipes

Immune Boosting Herbs List

Elimination of Processed & High Fat Foods

Virtual Meetings Each Week Via Zoom or Skype

Holistic Nutritionist Led Group Support Via Facebook

Individual 15 Minute Nutrition Consult with Roxi

Weekly Lessons & Handouts

Email Support

Journals, Planners & Workbooks for the year

Pantry Clean-Out & Gut Health Resources

Weekly Nutrition Manuals & To-Do Lists

Immune Boosting Supplements List


This 21 Day Immune Boost Challenge is a powerful way to create healthy habits, get rid of sugar and notice how immune boosting healing foods can help our body feel great. Some of the side benefits may lead to a reduction of certain prescription medications, decreased anxiety, mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, reduced PMS & menopausal symptoms and more.

This Program is right for you if you want to:

  • Enjoy life without the prospect of feeling sick or in pain all the time
  • Heal your immune system naturally and without medication
  • Learn about supplements and herbs, and how to use them to heal your immune system
  • Stop feeling stressed and tired all the time
  • Learn how to eat to lower inflammation
  • Stay on track with your goals where you have given up in the past
  • Create healthy habits to live your healthiest and happiest life possible
  • Join a program that is proven and supported by medical research
  • Know exactly how to heal my immune system and FEEL GREAT again!

How It Works

Start Fresh

The 21 Day Immune Boost Program helps you start fresh. That means we get rid of all the foods that are toxic to the body that cause weight gain, chronic health problems, and a weakened immune system. We will fuel with simple, healthy, foods you will love. You won't be deprived. In fact, you will be amazed at how much food you will be able to eat.

Feel Empowered!

By the end of this program, you will be lighter, your clothes will fit better, you will be more confident, more energized, healthier, vibrant, plus you will feel empowered and in control of your health!

Remember, The 21 Day Immune Boost Program Launches on April 13, 2020


Fuel your body and thrive in ALL areas of Life!