Forget free food and ping-pong tables, what your employees really want is their career growth.

Career Planning Starter Kit

How do you keep your team engaged and high-performing in a remote environment where office perks like free food and ping-pong tables no longer exist?

Well, the answer is pretty simple!  Invest in their career growth. 

When you’re a people manager, you’re not only responsible for your own career but also for those of your team members. Researches have shown that the lack of future career development remains a key driver of employee attrition. 

Not sure where to start? Download the Career Planning Starter Kit for managers. 

This starter kit includes – Career Planning Workshop Deck (with bonus workshop template if you want to run a career planning workshop for your team), Personal Development Plan Template and Sample Career Objectives for a mid-level manager.

Be a great manager, make a lasting impact

Grow your people

Enable them to do their best work and feel job satisfaction

Being a manager is more often an art than a science because you’re dealing with people. While this may not be a surprise, new engineering managers often find themselves challenged by the fact that their people — programmers, software engineers, and developers — are nothing like the programming concepts they’re familiar with. Each and every one of their people is different; each has a different way of thinking, different perspective, different motivation, and different needs, just to name a few.

The most fulfilling part of a manager's role is being able to make an impact to team members by helping them do their best work, feel job satisfaction and grow their career. 

But how do you help them, when you don't know what their career goals are. 

That's what this Career Planning Starter Kit aims to solve. It's a structured approach to understanding, assessing and planning one's career. I personally use the materials in the starter kit in my job as a manager, both for myself and my team members.

Let's get started!

The Starter Kit includes...

Personal Development Plan

Enable your team members to take the first step in taking control of their own careers today by creating a personal development plan. Use this template to create an actionable plan by filling in sections about personal analysis, career objectives and action plan.

Career Planning Workshop Deck

I use this exact same deck when I am running a career planning workshop for my team members. It is an effective way to get people thinking about their careers holistically and taking action. 

You can use the deck to run a 2 hours career planning session for your team members. 

Sample Career Objectives

A little bonus for you, an awesome manager, for looking after your team members. In the starter kit, there is a document containing Sample Career Objectives for a mid-level manager.

About the creator

Isabel Nyo

Isabel is an accomplished woman in technology with with almost 20 years experience in the industry. She has worked for top-tier technology and media organisations throughout her career. She is passionate about leadership, career development, and diversity & inclusion.

Isabel is currently a senior engineering leader at an enterprise software company in Sydney, Australia.

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