LGBTQIA+ Support

Cary: TBD

Pittsboro: TBD

8 Sessions

$50 session

$200 Deposit


Groups often help individuals realize they are not alone in their struggles or negative feelings - something very powerful for adolescents to experience. 

The group dynamic assists individuals in both giving and receiving support; providing individuals with a feeling of usefulness as well as feeling connected to others in a positive way. 

Groups can help individuals find their voice and find a sense of empowerment, something I think is extraordinarily important for humans, particularly teens during their sexual development to find in productive and healthy ways

Why Our Group?

LGBTQIA+ youth are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, bullying, and are more likely to attempt suicide. In this group, we will address isolating or confusing emotional feelings that members are experiencing around their sexual development and/or identity

Explore the impact these emotions are having on their lives (e.g. family, social, etc), ways in which they are addressing these negative feelings currently 

Explore alternative and constructive ways in which they handle negative emotional states all while benefiting from the group dynamic.

To complete sign up for group, a free 15 minute telephone consultation to determine need and to schedule an in-person interview are required determine if this group or others would be most appropriate.

Sign up now as seats are limited and sign ups will close soon. Please follow the link for my online calendar.


If you don't see an appointment time that works for you please send me a message below with available times that work for you!