Parenting Against the Grain

  • Informed by research
  • Guided by love

Do you feel like you are parenting upstream from the rest of the modern parenting culture?

Do you want a relationship with your kids built on connection, not behavior management?

Do you want to simplify life and stop running your kids from one activity to another?

Do you want to raise kids who value kindness and show empathy towards others?

Your host: Amy Webb, Ph.D.

Scholar turned stay-at-home mom who writes about child development and parenting research. 

Less Pressure, More Play

Tired of feeling that your kids are pressured into academics at an early age (even preschool)?

Tired of societal pressures to enroll your child in every extracurricular activity available?

More Kindness, Less Conflict

Tired of being told that you need to "toughen up" your child to face the "real world"?

Tired of empathy and kindness being seen as a weakness rather than a form of strength?

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