Are you looking for a change of career or new interest?

Join our Discovery Programme....

Do you have a stressful or unfulfilling job? 

Work colleagues come and go and you've found the best ones have now gone. 

Managers are not managing and no one seems to care that there is more and more work being piled on you and it's not looking like there will be a change any time soon.

You feel guilty because you're bored, yet can’t work full time without compromising the care of your family?

Being a full-time mum is a very important role and working full-time often means missing out on important events in your family’s lives. You want the best of both worlds, doing something to stretch and challenge you which will also create a secondary income stream to future-proof your life.

I can show you a way to have the best of both worlds, to have a secondary income to support you, without having to work all the hours…

Let me help you create a new future, where you will spend time with like-minded people in a positive, supportive, and relaxing environment filled with delicious sounds and smells.  You'll be enabled to supplement or replace an income stream, and future-proof your life from the stresses of the workplace.

Before jumping in to signing up for a 'course', there are 5 things you need to establish to find out if a new interest or change of career in complementary therapies is for you right now.

  • Explore the variety of complementary therapies available to you and what you need to know when choosing a training organisation.
  • Ensure you like the touchy-feeliness of giving and receiving therapies.
  • Find out what to expect from taking a professional qualification rather than a friends and family course.
  • Discover how easy learning again can be and how learning technology had changed since you were at school.
  • Work out if you have enough time and money to invest in the future you.


  • A 50-page downloadable PDF guide to understanding the complementary therapy industry


  • A guest pass to a practical workshop to learn some skills that you can use on family and friends


  • Take an online 'Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology' course

  • Invitation to meet our therapists and receive a treatment
    • A discovery personal guidance call with Louise, to see how Phoenix can fit into your life around your current commitments