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Do you long for peace in your family?

You're not alone, it's such a common feeling among stepmoms.

In fact, I ran an online survey for stepmoms last year asking what they long for most.

Over 50% said they wanted peace, harmony, or something along those lines.

Despite the evil stepmom myths and stereotypes that are so common in society…

Modern day stepmoms are often the ones trying to keep everyone together, happy, and at peace.

But that’s hard to do when you feel like so many things are out of your control.

You may be dealing with disobedient children, a crazy biomom, or a husband that won't step up and do what's necessary.

You may feel an urgency to control the situation, so that everything doesn't fall apart.

You may feel like if everyone just did what you said, everyone would be better off - why can't they just see that?

The truth is, when we try to control what's happening on the outside - other people's thoughts, beliefs, actions or behaviors, this can quickly lead to burn-out, resentment, and DIS-EMPOWERMENT.

Have you lost your power?

What if you were able to access a feeling of peace anytime, anywhere, no matter what your circumstances?

What if that was in your power to control?

I'll share with you a little secret.

And it’s not a far-fetched idea. Viktor Frankl (holocaust survivor) and Nelson Mandela (who spent 27 years in prison after being wrongly persecuted, and later went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize) knew this to be true.

True peace comes from within. When we try to make our life better from the outside-in… we often feel disappointed in the outcome.

If these amazing people, who overcame so much adversity (the holocaust, civil war and wrongful imprisonment), can we come out and say these things as stepmoms? I think so.

I’m not sharing this to minimize your troubles. On the contrary, I believe that what you’re going through matters deeply to the well-being of our world. You are a part of raising the children that will lead our world tomorrow. The way that you live and your example matters deeply.

You and your family DESERVE to live in peace and happiness.

But how can you learn to thrive among the uncontrollable things that are happening around you? Start by controlling what you can - your own thoughts, actions and behaviors. 

But how? I can teach you that part. If all of this resonates so far, I'm running a free webinar and I hope to see you there!

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