Menopause is just the beginning of the rest of your exciting life, but it doesn't always feel that way! 

I remember the day I left the doctor's office feeling hopeless and frustrated. I had gone to discuss my insomnia and hot flashes. I told him I thought I was perimenopausal and he told me the only option was an antidepressant. I sat in my car and cried. After sobbing on the way home, I pulled into my drive and thought, there has to be other options. And that was the day my quest for a happy and healthy menopause journey began!

What if I told you, you could experience less fatigue, fewer hot flashes and sleep better? What if I told you that small shifts and habits could make you healthier and leave you feeling better on your Menopause Journey? I've discovered 4 Big Pillars of Menopause Health and Wellness and throughout this week-long journey, I'm sharing my simple, yet powerful habits and lifestyle tweaks that will make you healthier, help you sleep better, clear your mind and help you move with more ease and confidence. 


Learn the 4  Pillars for Menopause Health and Wellness

Learn 7 simple daily habits that can help relieve symptoms, boost your mood and change how you look and feel.

Learn how to set behavior-oriented goals to live your midlife vision.

Learn mindfulness techniques to help you shift your perspective, reduce stress and sleep better.

Learn movement practices specifically for women over 40 that will help you feel stronger, move with more ease and be more confident.

Connect with other women on this journey.

AND.... learn from someone who is walking this journey right alongside you, trained in menopause movement and certified in women's wellness and is a Menopause Doula. Girl, I know what it's like. 

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A downloadable guidebook featuring all kinds of healthy tips, tools and information.

An opening Zoom session with me to discuss habits and setting yourself up for a successful reset.

A daily email each morning featuring the habit of the day.

A video library that includes movement practice, breath practice and information on a variety of topics from grocery shopping to sleep routines.

Membership for 1 month in a private FB group with me and the other women in the RESET.

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