Is the Special Moms Special Kids Summit for You?

What is the Special Moms Special Kids Summit All About?

The Special Moms Special Kids Summit is all about the parents & caregivers.

I had become irritated with summits and workshops that left me feeling more confused and overwhelmed than when I walked in.

I wanted to create a space where parents and caregivers could get supported before, during, and after the summit.

The Special Moms Special Kids Summit was created to help parents and caregivers begin to lay a foundation that will support their special families and help them to thrive.

The Special Moms Special Kids Summit will cover the most pressing topics that parents and caregivers need:

  • IEP and Advocacy
  • Transitions - Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, High School, and Beyond
  • Communication and Behavior
  • Respite 101
  • Finding and Accessing Services and Supports
  • Supporting Family Mental Health
  • Keeping your Family Connected

and so much more!

Although, the Special Moms Special Kids Summit won't answer all your questions it will give you a place to get started and get supported.

So whether you're a seasoned or just getting started, a mom or a dad, a supports coordinator or caseworker there is a place for you in the Special Moms Special Kids Summit.

All speakers in this summit are parents of children with special needs. This gives us the ability to talk what we know and not just theory. 

About the Speakers

Christy Schweitzer - Speech Language Pathologist

DAY 1 - The Communication Gap - Unconventional Ways Your Child is Talking To You

Christy's  segment will cover what communication is and how you can notice and use the various ways your loved one communicates with you.

Kelly March

DAY 2 - Even Supermom Needs Help - Simple Steps Moms Can Take to Release Overwhelm

Kelly's segment covers steps that moms and caregivers can take to start reducing their daily overwhelm load with all they need to do.

Tammie Polk

Day 3 - No Mom Guilt Required - Creating a family team to support you & your special needs child.

Rachale Kelley

DAY 4 - Let's Talk About It - Nurturing your marriage while caring for a special needs child

Cewanda Todd

DAY 5 - You Ain't Crazy: Simple Steps to Stay Sane & Support Your Family

Kimberly Cox - 

DAY 6 - It's OK to Not Be OK - How to create space for you when there is none.

Anntricia Bray-Smith

Day 7 - Are You IEP Ready?: Tools to Help you Master your IEP Team

Khaliah Montgomery - Michigan Alliance for Families 

DAY 8 - You Are the IEP Expert - Learn how to navigate the IEP world to become your own top-notch IEP Advocate

Sheila Mac

DAY 9 - Making Moves - How parents and caregivers can navigate life & school transitions without all the stress

Sheila is sharing how to navigate life and academic transitions from kindergarten to adulthood with more ease and flow. She will leave participants with a guide map on transiting through life events.

Anne Farrell, MORC

DAY 10 - All Grown Up - How to navigate the guardianship process with ease.

Anne will be sharing how to navigate the guardianship process with ease as well as the different types of guardianship.

This Ain't Just Another Summit

....and here's why

  • Daily recaps and implementation steps to help you create action around what you've learned.
  • Support from the actual summit speakers during the event.
  • A safe contained support center to guide you throughout the summit.
  • Space to implement what you've learned, there is no information overload here.
  • The community you've been searching for, no longer feeling like you're alone in this journey