Can you imagine a world where your money practices support you?

The word budget can feel restrictive and judgmental. In reality, budget comes from bougette, an old French word that means little bag. It's a little bag to keep your coins and IOUs in - not a way to measure your self-worth or ability to adult. Bougette is a little bag that waxes and wanes like the moon. 

Take a journey to create supportive money practices that work for you. Using both practical and introspective methods, you’ll:

  • Learn to examine your values & money patterns,
  • Create a money plan (bougette), determine what money habits to cultivate & measure what matters and,
  • Develop sustainable money review rhythms to maintain your supportive practices.

At the same time, you’ll be supported by the La Bougette et La Lune Workbook, which will guide you to discover how you approach money and help you reflect on the work you are doing in your Bougette.

In this three-week course, supported by weekly videos, a digital bougette worksheet and a printable workbook, you’ll take your money practices & habits one week at a time. Here’s a look at each week’s focus:

Week One: Deep Clean Your Finances

In the first week, you’ll look deeply at your values and dive into your current money practices with curiosity & care.

Week Two: Cultivating Money Practices

In week two, you will create regular money practices, automate tasks and identify what to track to set yourself up for success.

Week Three: Living with Money's Cycles

In week three, you'll learn to establish a practice of evaluating your finances regularly and plan for the future.