If You're A Mom-Focused Female Business Owner Ready to Make Money Online I Bet You're Thinking...


“I want to reach a wider community with my resources and knowledge but I don’t know where to start.”

“I’d love to create an online course but I’m not that techie.”
“My work is in-person and hands-on. How could I create a digital course?”
“I wish I could take some time off from booking 1:1 clients but I can’t spare the income.”
“I’m just getting started and want to bring in more inquiries from my website.”

If any of these thoughts sound familiar...I have just the thing for you! 

I know your life is full. That’s why I created this FREE Idea to Launch e-book to be jam-packed with value and not just another thing sitting forgotten in your inbox.
(Seriously. The feedback I hear most often is, "There is SO much great information in here. I can't believe it's free!)


  • The flexibility in your schedule for your own self-care, travel, or family time.
  • Stability when business is slow and a dreamy bank account balance when business is booming. 
  • Widening your circle to impact thousands of women.

    Monetizing your presence online is the key to making your business work for you and living the life you imagine!

There are a ton of resources out there to help you build an online business.

Why does this book deserve the precious space in your inbox? It cuts through the fluff and gives you the step-by-step instructions I wish I'd had when I started an online business.

I've spent over half of a decade working with online female entrepreneurs creating programs and running launches and this is A LOT of what I've learned all in one place.

I'm experiencing the flexibility and freedom that comes from online business, which I built from the ground up, with kids at home. I want that for you, too, because you DESERVE it! 

, as a mama, PMAD and pregnancy loss survivor,  I GET what it takes to support, communicate with, and sell to moms. 
I'm here to help you help them be their very best selves. 

Whether you have an idea but you're not sure how to put it together or you have no ideas at all but know you need to step up your online business game, you get started right here! 

Hi! I'm Amy Lynn.

Online Business Mentor

I'm a professional educator turned online business owner. 

I help women monetize their online presence in their mom-focused businesses. I believe that all aspects of a mama's wellness are essential, which is why I love helping women-owned businesses such as doulas, midwives, family nutritionists, counselors, life coaches, and fertility coaches...among others.
I'm here to guide you to expand, empower, and grow!