Are you ready to rise above your challenges and thrive? Do you feel that this post pandemic era is bringing you new norms that require a different mindset and approach to succeed? If so, you’re not alone. These past few years have been an emotional roller-coaster causing many people to question their mindset, intent, and purpose. Now is the time to live up to your potential; to strengthen and nurture your health in all forms, starting with your mental focus and emotional resilience. Reduce your current stress, gain peace of mind and build your inner foundation in order to plan for your future.

As a Professional Coach and Teacher, I feel the emotional stress that our world is experiencing and I’m more motivated than ever to guide mission-driven professionals through groundbreaking work. I want to help keep your light alive.

Join us to rise above your challenges and thrive. I’ll be coaching and guiding you through this curriculum, so you’ll leave relaxed, assured, and supported with new ideas to elevate your health and vision in the workplace. Ignite Your Light is for you if you are ready to dream bigger than you ever have.

  • A safe space to collaborate with professionals to share ideas, concerns, and best practices
  • Self-reflective exercises to calm and ease your mind while bringing harmony and alignment into your current situation
  • Tools to help manage and cope with emotions, thoughts, and how to move forward
  • Awareness and focus on your greatest growth areas
  • New strategies on improving your daily routine and aligning your energy with constructive thoughts and projects
  • Access to printable worksheets to help you stay on track and set you up for success

Please contact me for a scoping session and price estimate.

"Shian’s class helped me focus on a strategic vision and state of being/feeling, rather than constant state of troubleshooting. The session was focused, substantial and engaging. She also taught us valuable frameworks to understand what keeps us from living our true vision. Shian is very friendly and inviting, warm and personal, positive and encouraging. She showed us that change and fulfillment is possible now." - Vivian H

"Shian’s class gave me a powerful insight into something that was holding me back from stepping into my own power. This recognition was liberating. The class clarified my vision, making it easier to take action because I know where I am headed. I left the class uplifted and excited about the future." - Heather R

"Shian’s class enabled me to realize that I can find a job that will fit the life I want to build. Her class made me feel less alone in my struggles and more grounded. I appreciated how Shian was able to listen and clearly distill what I was trying to communicate but didn’t have the words for. She helped me articulate my overall career perspective and direction, something I hadn't been able to synthesize on my own." - Megan M 

There was power, reflection, and impact in the “Ignite Your Light” workshop. Shian’s own story of discovery was inspiring, and she used her experience to build a meaningful and different way to discover what’s holding you back from your true potential. Her approach is conversational and thoughtful, with the participant at the center. I left feeling inspired to go within to find ways to bring even more impact to my business. Thank you, Shian, for the work you do!” – Tom P

“Shian is full of love and purpose. She is meant to be a transformational coach and facilitator. Through Shian’s Workshop, I was able to gain an understanding of my unique talents, however, my habits and self-talk needed continuous daily work for me to reach my full potential. Shian has a natural intuitive gift of understanding how participants are feeling, sometimes before they are aware. She can listen to participants verbalize their thoughts (even when the words seem chaotic) and reciprocate the actual feelings or emotions articulately. What I loved most about the workshop was her teaching style. She has a calming and an empathetic presence. You can tell that she deeply cares about you.” - Jenna S

"Shian’s class reminds me to take time to think outside the box in life and take some time to manage my stress better. Keep up the good work, Shian! The class made me feel more positive when thinking about my career and future." - Shan M

Shian ignites the untapped power in her clients through a delicate combination of fun, safe and soul stirring interactions. She leads them to new possibilities and a higher level of achievement in both their personal and professional lives.

Shian’s programs are holistic & client focused. She helps people to launch their dream careers. She helps entrepreneurs to grow & scale conscious businesses. She helps communities & organizations to become more creative, collaborative and connected.

Fortune 500 calls Shian “The Career Whisperer” for being the most sought out coach for employee & team success. Shian is a certified Master Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner and business consultant. She has coached over 300 clients. She is an accomplished trainer and speaker, having presented to 1000’s of leaders around the world on behavioral science and human psychology. Her work has been featured on media from King5 TV to The Seattle Times to Fortune 50 News.

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