How To Increase Your Prices Without Losing Customers

Prices of ingredients have increased, but yet customers still want to pay low prices for your cakes.

How can you keep up?

Are you afraid of increasing your prices because you want to keep the few customers you have?

Are you out of pocket for most of your orders?

Are you losing customers because you just increased your prices by just 5%?

Are you using your own money to buy ingredients?

Are you now using cheaper and substandard products because you can’t afford buying quality ingredients anymore?

Have your profits gone down?

Then you need to come for this Webinar.


Wednesday, 19th September 2018



What You’ll learn

  • How to increase your prices without losing customers- so that you can stop losing money;
  • Tactics & Strategies to increase your prices;
  • How to  convey value so your customers readily accepts any price increase;
  • How to communicate an increase in prices to your customers so that they can keep coming back;
  • A proven template to send your  customers that will guarantee your next  booking;

  • How to turn an enquiry into a paying customer at the price you want without sounding desperate.

About the Host


Cake Business Coach

 I am a cake business coach that teaches cake business owners how to grow and have a profitable cake business so that they have a constant stream of customers buying their delicious treats.

I have also been teaching bakers through my online courses who are struggling with low sales, with strategies on how to market, and price their cakes for profit.

I coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.
I have helped over 50 bakers through my online course ‘A comprehensive guide to starting your cake business in 30 days’ with much needed information on how to start a cake business in Nigeria. I have also taught over 4000 cake enthusiasts through my Facebook Group how to run a money making cake business.

I have been featured in ‘Naija Top Baker’ magazine, one of Nigeria’s foremost cake magazines and also been a Guest Speaker at the Bakery World Convention.

If you are struggling with getting customers for their cakes, I can help you through my online courses solve this problem by showing you how to market, sell, price, plan, structure and brand your business so you are constantly selling to the right people who want your cakes.

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