Stock Your Inner Fire

An introduction into the subtle language of nature—hack your life and the challenges coming along by tunning into your natural state of being

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The e-book version of the autumn challenge: STOCK YOUR INNER FIRE is here for you.

Dive deeper into knowing yourself—tap into your inner power by igniting, and connecting to your INNER FIRE👇

If few of these are YES, then this e-book is for you.

◼ Do you want to guide yourself towards the alignement with nature, AND most natural expression of yourself?

◼ Do you want to improve your overall health & immune system by recognizing your energetical self?

◼ Do you want to live your life knowing how to improve, and boost your physical, mental and emotional state, simply by connecting to the subtle expressions of yourself?

◼ Do you struggle connecting to your sense of passion, inner power, and feeling your inner fire burning?

◼ Do you have a tendency to give up on things that make you happy?

◼ Do you want to have a solid daily routine that grounds you, as well as ignites a healthy, sustainable source of energy?

Deepen your journey of personal growth

"We need witches in the world.

We need women, who are more capable than their logic.

We need men also like that. We need human beings, who are capable of perceiving, understanding, experiencing life, beyond the horrible limitations of the logic." — Sadhguru


Fundamental Theory

Taken from the eastern philosophies such as yoga, tantra, tibetan buddhism and ayurveda—essential knowledge simplified and compact.

Helping you bridge the intelectual gap that blocks you from connecting to your innate wisdom.

◼ Understand the basics of all spiritual philosophies.

Guided meditations

Created to guide you towards the experientialintuitive understanding of the elemental energies & connect to them: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

These elemental energies are the roots of all of the eastern ancient philosophies.

◼ Meditations are your inner journeys, thus they enrich your intuition & give you the EXPERIENCE of the elemental theory.

Morning ritual

Adapted and based from the ayurvedic principles. 

Designed in a way to smoothly ease you into the day, by respecting the natural flow of your inner energies.

◼ Kickstarting the day means supporting the awakening of your consciousness to connect to the reality in a natural way and thus strenghten the connection to your self, which is the condition to have connection to others, and everything you do in life.

A guide to connect to reality

How to find yourself present, involved and connected to the reality? What does that mean anyways?

To feel anchored in the reality we live in is nothing else but connecting to the natural flow of energies building the reality.

You will receive guidelines, that are easy to implement in your daily life, to connect with the reality you live in.

The Energy of Fire is your inner power, your place of creativity, passion, and inspiration for life.

By becoming simply aware of its existence you will experience an immediate sense of empowerement & hunger for life.


This is easy, introductory e-book into the world of fundamental energies


This e-book is re-edited version of the 10 days autumn challenge I offered in the end of 2020.

From the feedback of the autumn challenge, I made this e-book more effective, short and easily digested version, that for sure gives you enough information to give you the confidence to USE THE NEW KNOWLEDGE in your life.

◼ It is created to enhance your awareness of the subtle energies that prevail reality. So you can recognize the flow of fundamental energies within and around you.

◼ Giving you a basic theory and guidelines to use the theory in your day to day life.

◼ Guiding you through 3 of the 30 minutes meditations to tune into your internal world and experience the specific qualities such as groundness, stillness, passion, internal heat, flowing etc, within yourself.

◼ Giving you a structured, easy, effective morning ritual, explaining specific steps of it, why are they useful, what's the point of them, and how will they help you.

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Stock your inner Fire

Innate Resource

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Innate (adj.) — from Late Latin innatus "inborn, native, natural" Old Latin gnasci  "to be born" + in "in"

Resource (n.) — past participle of Old French resourdre "to rally, raise again," from Latin resurgere "rise again"

In other words...

It is written within you to rise again and again, and the power to do so, is also infinitely rising and rising within you 🔥

The process of growth is messy...

Yet, there is nothing messier than a process of growth, that has suddenly stopped.