Are you parenting a child who has experienced trauma?

Are you parenting a child who has a capital letter syndrome — such as ADD, ADHD, FAS, SPD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder — or another special need?

Have you tried traditional parenting techniques only to have them backfire?

If so, then this is for you!

Traditional parenting is for securely attached children — kids who want to please. Any sort of parenting requires a foundation of connection with the child. That connection comes more easily with kids who haven’t experienced trauma. For those who have, the foundation is absent or shaky, and as a result, the child feels no need to follow commands or listen.

Traditional parenting tends to swoop in and fix the immediate problematic behavior. It is a short-term approach that doesn’t work with kids who have trauma. Instead, you need to take the time to consider the need behind the child’s behavior and focus on the ultimate goal of connection.

Kids who have trauma care more about control and survival. When a child has a disorganized attachment style born out of trauma, he will want to control his surroundings. Control will trump following instructions every time. In fact, the very thing that would make him feel more connected, he will fight.

So how do you parent kids who have experienced trauma? Use "Instead Of" Tips! 

What "Instead Of" Tips Can Do For You:

*You’ll have some tips that actually work for parenting your kiddos

*You’ll enjoy your kids more

*Leave punishment behind and embrace meeting your kids where they are

*Teach your kids some coping skills that will last a lifetime

*Have a resource in your hand to share with family, teachers, and anyone who works with your kiddos