Become a wine expert in 3 days

Online Introductory Wine Course

Do you enjoy wine and want to know the best wines for every budget?


Do you want to taste and describe wines like a professional Sommelier?


Would you want to pick the best wine from a new country just by looking at the bottle?


It is time to begin your wine education!

Become a wine expert in 3 days

About the Course

We created this course for anyone who loves wines and wants to choose, drink, serve and pair wines with food like a professional sommelier. 

Have you ever been puzzled by all the information on the wine bottle label and chose the most expensive bottle as a result? The truth is - the most expensive wine doesn't necessarily mean the best. Once you know the basics of wine you will be able to make the best choice for your budget. Our course covers all this information in detail and presented in the way that you can apply it right away! 

Quality of wine depends on many factors, and one can spend entire life-time studying them. There are however a few core principles, that need to be understood about wine production and wine regions in order to distinguish a good wine and a great wine. We presented them to you in a form of short lectures and detailed presentations. It includes a complex wine vocabulary that will help you describe the most complex aromas you meet in your glass.  

Our instructor, Svetlana Kasparova, is an experienced sommelier and wine expert who's been teaching about wine in three countries. She based the class curriculum on questions she's been asked the most and what was rated by her students as the most helpful information.


About the Instructor

Svetlana Kasparova is a wine expert who has been working with wine estates across Europe for over eight years. She runs regular wine seminars and tastings in Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Svetlana is a graduate of the famous wine school “Entoria” and a Wine Games medalist. Her experience and previous Degree in Education make her a wonderful teacher who can explain the most complicated terms with ease and fun.

Class Curriculum in a Nutshell

Part I. Wine Tastings and Wine Basics

  • Introduction to wine tasting and wine aromas
  • All about wine glasses, bottles and corks
  • How to open wine and champagne bottles like a Pro
  • How to organize your own wine tastings
  • How to give scores to wine and take notes
  • Wine tasting vocabulary

Part II. Terroir and Grape Varieties

  • Difference between good wine and great wine
  • What is terroir and why it is so important
  • Types of soil and tasting them in wine
  • Microclimate and exposition
  • Why some wines are so expensive
  • Grape Varieties

Part III. Types of Wine and Wine Production

  • Types of wine explained
  • Harvesting and viticulture
  • Production of wine and fermentation process
  • Champagne, sparkling wines and their production
  • What Is Sherry and how it is made
  • 3 Bonus tastings

Part IV. Wine Labels and Classification

  • How to read wine labels
  • How to make a purchase based on wine labels
  • European wines classifications
  • New World and table wines classifications
  • Wine appellations

What this Course Includes

Life-time access (including all updates) and personal support

When you buy our course you will recieve life-time access to all the materials and moreover, all the updates that will be regularly introduced to the course. You will be added to a private Facebook group for all course participants where our instructor wil be answering all your questions, providing personal communication. 

High-quality video materials with demonstrations and BONUS tastings

The course includes 21 lectures, as well as detailed demonstrations and bonus tastings of all types of wines. You will share a classroom with a professional sommellier and learn all the necessary tricks first-hand.

Detailed presentations, templates, cheatsheets and quizes for self-assessment

You will have access to detailed presentations on more technical questions about wine and all of them are worth a book!  We also created a special wine tasting template and wine vocabulary for you that you can even use in a professional setting. 

Certificate of completion

Many of our students apply their newly acquired knowledgein professional setting and runwine tastings on their own. In case of successful completion of all quizes you will be granted a Certificate of Completion from the HBF School.

What you Will Learn

  • How to read wine labels 
  • How to choose wine
  • Difference between types of wines, difference between Champagne and Sparklings wine
  • How to taste wine correctly
  • How to organize your own tastings
  • Difference between wine glasses and what to use for which wine
  • How to pair wine with food
  • Classifications of wine according to their country of origin
  • The core principles of wine production and how they impact quality of wine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any prior knowledge?

This course is perfect for absolute beginners as well as those who have basic knowledge of wine, but want to deepen it or even organize their own wine tastings. 

  • How long do I have access to the course?

You will receive a lifetime access to the course. It includes accecess to all interactive materials of the course: videos, quizzes, cheetsheets and presentation. 

  • Can I buy this course as a gift?

Of course, you can buy our course as a gift. In fact 20% of our students receive it as a gift from their friends or family, and we always receive wonderful reviews and engagement form them!

  • Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, after enrolment you will be added to a private facebook group for course participants, where our instructor, Svetlana Kasparova, will be answering all your questions in person. 

Course Reviews

Anna Belousova

Moscow, RUS

I signed up for this course after visiting a live wine seminar with Svetlana, as I really loved her style of teaching. Wine is enjoyable and complicated at the same time, but Svetlana made it easy and fun - I can't recommend her enough. 

Andrew Thomas

Los Angeles, USA

I really enjoy good wines, but the way I selected it was mostly based on guessing. This was my main motivation to take this course - to finally learn how to pick the best wines available without breaking a bank. The first dinner I hosted after completing the class on reading labels provedto be a successbecause of the great wines selections!