Practical course of Image overlay crochet

From chain to an image - crochet pictures with joy!

  • Do you want to repeat the crochet basics and then go up a level?
  • Or have you made lots of presents for the people arounf you and now you are instrigued with the Image overlay technique?
  • Are you looking for distraction and fun on your maternity leave or from work that you can tak with you wherever you go?

Does the beginnig of a new project bring you joyfull and exciting feeling?

Let's go together on this creative adventure and learn this exciting technigue with video lessons and video tutorials, live Zoom meetings, charts and support.

You will gain 9 weeks of support and a years access to the course materials. All the practical patterns as well as the knowledge you'll get will stay with you forever. 

Who would the ex participants recomend this course to?

„Wherever you lide to crochet folowin a video, pattern or a chartyou will find all the support you need in the course.

You will pracite the principles on specific patterns and gain many impulses for your own creativity. 

I would recomend the course to anyone who likes to create and wants to learn something new. "

„I'd recomen it to anyone who likes this technique. Probably not a complete crochet begginer, but the technique is so different from anything else I ever made that I had to learn quite a lot anyway.“

„Even for the beginners. There is room for improving here.“

„I would recomend this course either to crochet beginners (like me) as well as to more experienced crocheters, who want to learn this wonderfull even tho a bit (time) demanding technique.

Veronika explains everything clearly and to the detail. It's going to be a piece of cake for anyone with those video and photo tutorials. 

You will find rest at every single of the patterns, as well as time for yourself. You will keep your hands busy and your head will have some piece and rest. 

But be carefull, It is addictive! You will not be able to stop untill you have completed the tasks of the week :) 

What can you look forward to - the basic structure of the course

  • kurz buthe course will be held in a closed facebook group
  • every friday (from Mmay the 6th to June the 24th od 2022) there will be the videos and other materials for that week 
  • every wendesday you will have a chance to meet life on Zoom and talk about the topic of the week and your progress
  • creative break  - at the beginning of July, there will be a creative break to catch up on all the materials and after it, there will be one more week of my support for you as well.
  • an SOS thread in the facebook group - to use when you get stuck
  • I have created an exlusive pattern for the course - it is called Art Nouveau and it goes from the easiest to the more complicated aspects of Image overlay crochert. We will make it together, like a CAL.
  • after the end of the course, the group will be paused and the materials will stay there until July the 1st of 2023, so that there will be a lot of time to catch up. 

Schedule of the course

1. Week 

  • From chain to trebles - crochet babsics and repetition of the basic stitches (practical exercise)
  • Image overlay crochet basics - live lecture on Zoom

Week 2

  • Stitch anchoring options
  • Padding stitches
  • Practical pattern - round 0 to 10

Week 3

  • Padding stit types
  • Stitches from the oposite side
  • Angular sititches
  • Practical pattern - round 11 to 17

Week 4

  • Stitches crocheted together and stitches around a part of such a stitch
  • Crocheting corners
  • Practical pattern - round 18 to 24

Week 5

  • Crochetin over or onder the st it is crossing
  • Practical pattern - round 25 to 30
  • The Art NOveau is compelte

Week 6

  • Image overlay corchet in rounds
  • Practical pattern - a cowl

Week 7

  • Joining motives

Week 8

  • Bag or a backpack? What can we do from the shapes
  • Finishihng the projects we started
  • The rest of Flora patterns (see Bonuses)

2 Weeks creative summer break

Week 9

  • Catching up with my support and more if we'll have some rests
  • SOS thread

What will you need?

  • crochet hook size 4
  • respective yarn (the smoother surface the better but we will talk abobut the yarn in first week of the course)
  • stitch markers (10 to 40 - they are not necessary but might be helpfull)
  • scissors, tapestry needle

When purchasing the course, you will also recieve the following 


1) Image overlay crochet terminology: Petranese basics

  • basic publication of Imagge overlay crochet, by the author Petra Creutsiger, with my cooperation.

2) Flora

  • pattern series of 6 patterns. These patterns will be offered from the 3rd fo 8th week copiyng the pace of the course. It contains the following patterns:
    • 3 flowery patterns
    • 2 patterns ispired by grass and leaves
    • 1 clead half hexagon to help to make a blanket (or other project) out of hexagons

3) All the Tkanee Easter CAL 2022 videos

    4) Art Nouveau pattern

    • This exclusive pattern designed for the course. I will offer it gradually to copy the pace of the course. 

    5) Empty shapes

    • Basic shapes (square and hexagon) for the use in your patterns. They wiill be adjustible to match any pattern of that shape. 

    6) The backpack or a bag - a SURPRISE for you

    • In th elas week before the brak we will be talking about how to turn your shapes into a bag or a backpack.


    FLORA patterns

    Basket with flowers

    Jak se se mnou háčkovalo účastnicím minulého kurzu?

    „The course is detailed and even tho there is a lot of materials the support you get from Veronika is still palpable so you are never lost. 

    The division into parts is great and the pattern is designed so that every week there is new knowledge involved.


    „I entered the course to freshen up the basics of crochet and learned something new during the maternity leave.

    I was excited about the quality of the material preparations. The difficulty was rising gradually and every week brought new techniques or patterns.

    Even tho everything was perfectly prepared an essential part of the course was the support from the lector and our online meetings. Thank you.


    „I entered the course becouse I was in a minicourse before and I was very much temted by the Frozen christmass patterns (my winter bnus, hexagons as well). I have wabted to make a blanket and this was a perfect way to begin.

    I am not an advanced crocheter and I am selfthought so I'm glad Veronika has explained us the basics and answered all of our wuestions. Even the most simple ones.

    So I have stopped doing some of the mistakes. I do fully recomnd the course. It is a reat relaxation and you can take it with you anyway you go in a purse and use every spare moment to crochet :). Everything is well explained in detail and if someone gets stuck, Veronika will help him to go on.

    I gave the present to myself for Christmass and I have no regrets!


    Clear patterns

    Clear charts

    My support 

    Online Zoom meetings

    SOS thread

    Photo tutorials

    Written patterns

    Video tutorials

    Te price of the course was


    ... approximately 190 USD ...

    Frequently asked questions:

    Is the course begginer friendly?

    • Yes, all the steps will be well explained and thre will be support and a chance to ask all the questions you need.

    Is it possible to plit the payment?

    • Yes, the course can be bought as twi payments of 1.790 CZK (or 2x 2190 after 20th of April). A link for purchase will be sent to you once there is enough englis orders.

    Do i have to attend all the meetings live?

    • No, it's not necessary, There will be recordings and you can ask me the questions in advabce.

    DO I have to manage everything in those 9 weeks?

    • No, after the 20th of July 2022, there will not be my active support but all the materials wil be avaliable untill 1st of July of 2023 adn you can download all the pdf patterns from the group, so those will stay forever.

    I am a textile designer with long term practice in the area of handweaving and crochet.

    The threads are woven into my life ever since I was a child and I create under a brand called Tkanee

    I make babywearing wraps, blankets, shawls, scarves, afghan squares, hats, jumpers … 

    I have been weaving since 2013 and I crochet ever since I remember. 

    I have been smitten with the possibilities the Image overlay crochet technique offers and since 2019 I have been collaborating with Petra Creutziger on this wonderfull craft trying to get it closer to a broader public.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you.

    Veronika Gadulová