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iPhone in hand: Take amazing photos of your kids

From Blurry to Beautiful

Capture Those Special Moments

A proven step-by-step system to mastering photography with your iPhone, so you can start capturing memories of your kids, beautifully.

Is Your iPhone Your Camera of Choice?

Let's face it, the camera on today's iPhone is really really good. Gone are the days of having to use a point-and-shoot camera to take decent photos. Your iPhone has all the features necessary to take amazing quality photos. 

You have your phone on you all the time. You take a ton of photos with your phone. Especially of your kids. Every smile, every laughter, every mess, even every tantrum!

Your phone is filled with photos of your kids because every moment is priceless.

But almost none of them are good enough for print. You wonder why, when the iPhone takes really high quality photos?

    Moms, hands up if you've ever felt this way:

    ✓ Frustrated that your photos are dark and unappealing and
    certainly not good enough for Instagram

    ✓ Confused as to why you keep missing that special moment
    and end up taking blurry action photos

    ✓ Not sure what the best angle is when you are taking photos of
    your kids

    ✓  Annoyed that out of the hundreds and maybe even  thousands of
    photos, not one is good enough to be printed and hung on your
    gallery wall or to give away as a present for grandma and grandpa

      Then My iPhone Photography 101 Course is for YOU!

      The Truth Is....

      You CAN take amazing photos with your iPhone. The technology is there. You just need to know how. And I can show an easy step-by-step system so you can start taking gorgeous photos.

      In this course, you will learn:

      MODULE 1: Introduction to iPhone Photography
      MODULE 2: How to nail your Focus and Exposure
      MODULE 3: Best Camera Modes for Family Photos
      MODULE 4: Understanding Lighting, Angles & Composition
      MODULE 5: Simple Editing Techniques & Best Apps 
      MODULE 6: 20 Tips on Photographing Kids 

      Print Displays for your home

      Hi, I'm Silvia

      I'm the photographer behind Anchor Studio. I’m a wife and mother to the three little munchkins. I have a passion for capturing unforgettable moments of kids and families. 

      I  will be your instructor for the course and I can't wait to show you how you can take photos like a pro with just your iPhone.

      What's included?

       ✓ 6 Modules packed with videos, content and visuals with tips that build on the info as we go
      ✓ Learn to think and see like a photographer
      ✓ Training on how to hold your phone, set and lock exposure to get in-focus photos every time
      ✓ Editing videos to teach you how to use Snapseed App
      ✓ A bonus module on How to display photos in your home
      ✓ Private Facebook Group for everyone taking this course, where we will share photos, ask and answer questions
      ✓ Assignment reviews with feedback to improve your techniques

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