Aluminium Capsule Stand 
for Enamel Rater


Innosen's IS9018 Aluminium Capsule Stand for Enamel Rater checks the lacquer integrity of aluminium capsules

It is used with the SI9100 Semi-automatic Enamel Rater. Ask for more information

Features and Benefits

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Durable Design

The unit is made of special engineering plastic, stainless steel, and titanium. It won't corrode in harsh enamel rater environment.


The capsule adapter allows different models of aluminium capsules to be tested, making this a highly cost-effective solution in a QA Lab.

Electrolyte Level-Checking

Checks that the capsules are filled with enough electrolyte before the start of each measurement.

Easy Positioning

The stand uses adjustable clamps for easy placement and automatic centering of the capsule.

Automatic Voltage Compensation

With a dedicated SI9100, the voltage drop in the wires is adjusted, ensuring 6.3 volts regardless of current. This improves measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Integrated Calibration-Verification Switch

Using the built-in calibration verification test will quickly ensure your equipment operates perfectly.

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