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I realize that discussing the subject of giants is a bit “on the fringe.” But I’m not afraid to address the questions truth seekers are looking for. For you, I’ll answer the title question – Did Giants Really Exist Worldwide? We’ll start with the Scriptures, but also look at archaeological evidence, the writings of first century historian Josephus, as well as other history books, manuscripts, a discovery in Qumran, Israel called the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Smithsonian surveys, 19th and early 20th century newspaper articles, and even excerpts from the book of Enoch.

Keep in mind that my eBook is the perfect forerunner for my new book! Roots of the Kingdom is a publication about the captivating ancient chronology that shaped our current world. Revealed is the chain of disastrous episodes that undermined the pinnacle of creation – Yahweh’s beloved humans. Left untold, the result of those sinister events causes doubts about the love of God. Be prepared to gain insight into the good and evil picture. Amazingly, knowing our roots helps toward a loving restoration and renewal in our hearts.

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