Cadence Vonn

Stories that will leave you breathless!

What starts as a kidnapping turns into a reconnection with fate

Dr. Katherine Manchester moves to Elerbee Island to regain her faith in humanity after dealing with blood and death in a Chicago ER. She creates a new life among the residents of the small community…until one traumatic night changes the course of her future, and destiny flings her into the arms of her one big regret.

Leo Morgan finds the lost love of his life, but not before a bullet almost kills him. Recovering, he needs to deal with the thug who wants him dead. However, Katherine’s in danger, and a daring rescue brings her back into his arms before it’s safe. After one soul-scorching night together, he sends her away again, but now he could lose her forever. If he survives, regaining her trust will be an uphill battle for her heart.