What you can expect from this book:

  • basic etiquette tips like where to place your napkin, how to sit gracefully, and so forth
  • visuals to guide you in proper place settings for your table (both formal and informal)
  • how to handle potentially embarrassing situations with grace
  • etiquette for dining out
  • how to eat a variety of foods

About the author

Maralee McKee

America's Modern Manners & Etiquette Expert.

Since founding Manners Mentor, Inc., in 1998, Maralee has traveled nationally presenting programs and seminars for corporations, executives, churches, ministries, universities, and woman's groups. 

Author of Manners that Matter for Moms, she describes herself as part Emily Post, part Dr. Phil and, with her BFF style, part Sandra Bullock.

Etiquette has shaped and changed her for the better. Because of that, it’s her love to share modern manners for helping you become you…at your authentic best! If you want to live a life of intention, confidence, and success, you’re in the right place!