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Creating at the Cottage VIP Membership

Are you looking to connect with like-minded crafters
or DIY enthusiasts? Maybe you're retired or are just looking for
an avenue to continue or restart your adventures in creativity.

Do you have hundreds of home decor,
crafting or DIY projects pinned or videos saved,
but haven’t tried any of them…yet?
(this was me not long ago)

Are you sometimes OVERWHELMED
by all the DIY and craft project video tutorials
available on the web these days?

There seem to be so many projects and
so many ways to create the same project
it can be overwhelming at times.

Here's the GOOD NEWS!
The creating at the Cottage VIP Membership
is a great place to connect with like-minded 
crafters & DIY enthusiasts!

If you’re overwhelmed with so many ideas,
don’t have time to search for new techniques,
or are just
 overwhelmed with where to start,
I have sifted through hundreds of videos, 
and other tutorials so you don't have to!

Each month, you will find easy-to-understand, complete instructional
projects with complete supply lists, where to buy supplies, resources,
and, when necessary, patterns for all the
Exclusive Members-Only projects.
These projects won't be offered as workshops in my Shop!.

Why am I doing this?

I love to help women create beautiful, creative projects whether it be home decor, jewelry, furniture, or mixed media art. I also know what it's like to search for hours, only to have so many Ideas that I end up not creating anything because all of the ideas are overwhelming!
I also know just how frustrating it is to find so many tutorials for the same kind of project, then try to determine which supplies to purchase and where, then try to figure out which technique to try - only to end up buying so many supplies I don't need or worse, not find what I need.

Hi! I'm Carrie Wright, and I have been Creating and Crafting for MANY, Many Years!

Over the years, I have created and sold projects in many different mediums, 
from sewing, wreath-making, jewelry-making, painting, polymer clay, macrame,
 paper crafting, furniture building, sign-making, crochet, fused glass, and so many more.

Over the last 13 years, I have also taught many, many students a lot of these techniques in workshops held at my brick and mortar Shop, Classic Cottage Art & Antiques.

My experience in all of these areas has given me a lot of knowledge to share.
And I love sharing what I know about creating!
 Beside actually creating the projects, I love teaching others
how to be successful in their creative ventures!!

So what's included in the
Creating a the Cottage VIP Membership?

First, let me assure you that this membership is for creative women of All Skill Levels!

No matter if you've been creating for years and just need a little inspiration
to jump start your creativity; 
or if you're just starting to create,
or if you've never thought of yourself as a creative,
you'll be be able to get your creative
juices going with the
monthly projects and surprise bonus content!

y techniques are easy to follow so you end up
with a beautiful project (sometimes more than 1) every month; 
and the technique(s) you learn for each project can easily be applied
and combined to
create many other projects!
Projects you’ll want to gift, sell, or keep for yourself.  

What our Members are Telling Me

The ladies in the membership are loving the fact that they are
learning new techniques - techniques they say they never would have tried.

Members also say this is like attending one of my workshops every month, only better, because they have the videos, patterns & supply lists to refer back to again and again;  
as well as the opportunity to attend the popular monthly VIP Create Together Event
and the opportunity to ask questions any time they get stuck on a technique 
in our private Facebook Group.

Another thing they love is the VIP Discounts each month in the DIY Zone at the Shop! 
Oh, and did I mention, the monthly membership is less $
than ONE of my in-store workshops!!

And probably the most popular benefit added last year is the option to purchase
Project Supply Kits for many Create Together Events -
Our members are loving this option.
  They say the supply kits are a great
time (and money)-saver when gathering supplies!!

So much value!

So if you're ready to 

👉eliminate the overwhelm of finding the time to select a project
then figure out where to find supplies for the project;
👉learn new techniques
👉be encouraged in your creative journey and
👉gather with other Ladies who are making time for themselves
(these ladies are loving that they are now taking "Me" time to create - 
they tell me that's one of their favorite parts of the membership!!),

Sign up Now!!

to learn new painting, beading, paper crafting,
mixed media, general crafting, sewing techniques & tips (and SO much more),
And gain confidence in new techniques & skills you can use in other projects
 in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with clear, Easy-To-Follow instructions…
as you create beautiful projects for yourself, to gift or to sell

Are you in?  Sign up below!

Here's what our members are saying:

Only $20 per month
(monthly recurring payment via Square)

This is much less than a single workshop at Classic Cottage

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Are you still thinking about it?

I get it, there are a lot of free tutorials on the web,
But here are some things to think about:

Have you ever wanted to create a great home decor project
but didn't have the time to search the whole internet for a how-to video?

Have you ever thought
"I wish I had time to create something for my home, to give as a gift, or sell?"
Have you ever said "I wish I could paint, bead, sew, create______ like that"?

Have you ever said "I don't have a creative bone in my body?"

Have you wanted to learn a new DIY technique or skill or brush up on DIY skills?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions,
then the Creating at the Cottage VIP Membership is for you!

Here's what you'll enjoy in the Creating at the Cottage VIP Membership

- Learn new DIY techniques/skills or brush up on DIY skills
-Learn techniques/skills you will be able to combine and use on your own projects
(techniques/skills you may never have thought of trying)

- Get out of a creative rut
- Gain Confidence in your creative skills
(you Will be able to have success with the projects in the membership! I promise!)
- Carve out time to be creative
(I think making time to create is good for the soul)
- Meet new friends who also love to create
(I think it's always more fun to create with friends)

Benefits include:

Exclusive Monthly Projects (only available through the membership - learn how to paint
more than just furniture, create a cool wreath, delve 
into a simple upholstery or sewing project,
try your hand at a mixed
media project, try beading for the first time, and much more.
importantly, no more cookie cutter projects that everyone else is doing)

Complete Supply Lists & Video tutorials for easy reference
(no more searching the web for hours for project tutorials)  
Plus, instruction PDF files for projects requiring written instruction.
And, as soon as you join, you have access to ALL past Projects,
bonus content and supply lists!!!

 Project Supply Kits available for Purchase

for many Create Together Events - a Great time-saver!

Monthly VIP Create Together Gathering (in person and/or via Zoom),  
together is a great way to connect, learn, inspire and be inspired!

DIY Discounts  each month
(who doesn't like a discount on DIY supplies
 enjoy a members-only discount in the DIY Zone at the Shop each month)

Discount on 1 Publicly-offered Workshop each month.

Q&A Sessions (your DIY questions answered during our Q&A sessions)

  Bonuses throughout the year - could be a cool DIY checklist or hack,
another quick
project, a great tool-talk or simple build video -
you never know what it will 

  Private Facebook Group where you can interact
with other members, ask questions, share your beautiful DIY projects
(even if they aren't group projects), get group reminders, and more! 
Currently, a Facebook Account is necessary to join the membership.
Much of the content and announcements are shared via the Facebook Group,
so joining the Facebook Group ensures you get all the up-to-date info!

MEMBER HUB - Houses all the VIP projects & bonuses.
Simply use the search feature to find a specific project at any time!

If you'd like to get your creative juices going, JOIN TODAY!!

To put this into perspective, this amount of training and content is worth
well over $39-$55 Per Month, but is available to Members for only

$20 per month
(monthly recurring payment via Square)

This is much less than a single workshop at Classic Cottage Art & Antiques!

Click below to join!!!

I’m looking forward to creating with you!!