It's the holiday season and I'm so happy to share this gift with you: 💖🎅🎄

The free Happy Christmas planner for Sensitive Passionistas to enjoy the holidays with more happiness, ease and calm. 🎄

The holidays can be draining your cup, especially as a (highly) sensitive person.  Use the planner to minimize the impact and:

  • 🎄 reduce your stress by having a clear and detailed overview
  • 🎄 lower the pressure and workload by preparing for the big day with the amazingly easy chore chart
  • 🎄 get inner peace and calm by getting clear on your to do list and balancing it out with time for you

Please share the planner link with your friends and let's make it Happy holidays for all,
Claudia x

Yes, I need the Christmas planner for Sensitive Passionistas now!