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Andrew Patterson

I thankfully came across Karel at a networking event and I had seen him speak. What struck me about Karel was his story which is obviously in his book. . I walked into his office feeling pretty down and lost, he re-ignited the fire in me to climb Table Mountain this year in me. What a lot of people don’t understand that this is the man that’s very largely responsible for me to be on day 341. What I love about having his book is like having him speaking to me ugh in his office again.

I want to say is yes, he has gone through this journey, of getting to wear he his, but as a coaching client, he walked the walk with me. . So, I really recommend all of you to read it. I will always forever be indebted to him. It’s a great privilege that I get to stand on the stage here today at his book launch.

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Lisa Rouhana

It was amazing to have coaching with Karel and then to get his book to go through and I only got halfway through the book because I teenage son who is 16 years old was like : I want to read that!” I mean it is such a gift to give your teenagers because life nowadays is by not working for someone else but by working for yourself.

It has been such an incredible journey and without him I don’t think that I would have been able to do what I am doing. I finally can say that I am proud of myself.

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Sameer Charles

Such an honor and privilege to have been able to meet and befriend such an extraordinary human being, Karel Vermeulen, whom constantly pushes boundaries and inspires you to do more. Even more special that I was able to receive the first ever signed copy of his book.

I didn't mean to start reading the book last night, but his writing style is so gripping and makes you want to read more. This book is written simply and in such an authentic manner that it speaks directly to something inside you. A book that's so interactive and real, that knowledge just jumps out at you and compels you to want to be more and take your life to the next level (it even gives you some the tools

Sari Cohen

They say that dynamite came in small packages. And this book is not a lot of pages, but there is so much in it. Karel not only walks the walk, but he walks the talk. What strike me the most is that not only does he shares his story there, he gives us exercises to practice. There is a list there of thigs that one should do. If I had his book when I started out as an entrepreneur, it would have saved me so many breakfast clubs, and scrambled eggs that I had to go and listen to speakers and pick up those little tips. Karel already did the leg work for that. All the information is there.

Karel share personal stories and personal tips to help and guide the reader. Follow his steps and create a success in your business and life.

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