Every day you will learn a new seasonal transition tool from Yoga and Ayurveda.

Dates: from September 15th until September 21st - the Autumn Equinox.

There will be live sessions on Zoom, at a time adequate for the practice, and you will also get the recordings to repeat it or do it at your own pace.

What will the program include?

In this 7 days program I will introduce you to mindful and accessible practices that will really help you mark the end of one season and the start of the next.

By the end of it you will feel more prepared to prosper and succeed within yourself and your environment in the new season.


Yin/Yang Yoga

Find your equilibrium through Yoga and Pranayama.

This will be an early morning practice, but you can doing later in the day and repeat it throughout the week.


Easy  preserves

Learn how to bottle up a bit of the summer.

Whether you prefer savoury or sweet, learn to make a preserve!

You'll get a step by step tutorial and recipe to follow.


Stop and reflect

We'll have various mindful practices. From journaling to sunset gazing, to rebooting of the senses.

Think lush face mask, soothing self massage, a lazy Sunday and time to relax.

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About me

I am a Yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant who loves to work in nature and with nature.

I'm here for you

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