Mom Guilt is Real. Need a minute of peace?  I have you covered with this Toddler Enrichment Ebook

Written by a Special Education Teacher that specializes in toddlers and a mother of two. This ebook will end your online search for anything toddler.  Everything is compiled together in one place to make your days easier.

Toddler Enrichment Ebook

  • Activities to keep your toddler engaged and happy
  • Daily schedule
  • Language strategies
  • Nutrition and Dealing with Picky Eaters
  • Book list
  • Stages of Development

    Imagine if you had all that in one place. This toddler ebook will help make your days less stressful with a toddler. 

    Everyday solutions to keep your toddler busy while learning and maintaining your sanity.

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    So many parents struggle to keep their toddler busy, happy and learning at the same time.  Toddlers have an unbelievable amount of energy and curiosity.  Use your toddler’s curiosity to enrich their days.  Imagine what life would be like if you had an understanding of how your child develops and what activities to do with them.  As parents, we need help to make day to day life with our toddler a little easier. This toddler ebook will help make your days less stressful with a schedule, stages of development and activities.

    Take a peek

    This is my son playing with ice cubes.  It's a terrific independent play activity that builds fine motor skills. 

    I guarantee this activity will give you a few minutes of peace.  You can sit and have that cup of coffee. 

    This is one example of the many activities included in the ebook.

    Help your child learn and grow while maintaining your sanity

    By getting this book you are showing you're committed to helping your child learn and develop using supplies you already have in your home.

    1. Create memories while your child is learning.
    2. Ways to get your child moving, playing and growing at the same time.
    3. Keep your child happy and engaged with these activities. 
    4. If you have a "picky eater" these tips will help you get through it.
    5. You don't need to go out and buy tons of expensive toys, all these activities can be done right at home with minimal supplies. 
    6. You can actually implement these strategies and activities right away. 

    What People are saying 

    Aryn, The Libraryan        Rated 5 out of 5

    This book is awesome! I received an advance copy, and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you.

    The ‘milestones’ (communication, coordination, etc) are explained better than I’ve seen before, with the emphasis on the time RANGE, not specific ages. With more balanced expectations from this book, I feel more prepared for little boy 2 as we are nearly at the toddler stage than I did with my first. The strategies for everything from play, to consequences to meals and bedtime, covered, I see more clearly what mistakes I can correct ahead of time and where I did well last time!

    There are lots of helpful tips and ideas for Toddler Enrichment, including recipes, activity lists for when you just can’t think, and printables.

    Rachel does a great job of explaining without talking down to you and is very encouraging. I highly recommend this book to moms, and even grandparents would benefit from the reminders in here. 

    Christina from Mom in the Six             Rated 5 out of 5

    The Toddler Enrichment eBook is a deep-dive into what it takes to raise a toddler including milestones to look for, books to read, how to encourage your toddler to speak and is full of activities to encourage gross motor skill development and so much more.

    I appreciated the level of detail after each activity and have the book printed out for ideas on rainy days when we are stuck at home looking for engaging activities. There are also many outdoor activities which are great for encouraging active play outdoors. The book even contains a toddler-friendly scavenger hunt printable!

    I would recommend The Toddler Enrichment eBook for first time moms who are looking for a one stop shop for all things toddlers. You really don’t need much beyond this book to raise a healthy, happy toddler.

    What resources are included?

    • Daily Toddler Schedule
    • Different kinds of Play -Independent Play Activities and Playing together
    • The importance of play
    • Age- appropriate behavior and consequences
    • Reading tips -Including the importance of reading early and how to read to babies.
    • Book List to start your Reading Library
    • Stages of Language Development
    • Strategies to increase language in children
    • Stages of Motor Development
    • Gross Motor Activites and Fine Motor Activites that you can do right now in your home with minimal supplies.
    • Toddler Smoothies to help them drink from a straw or cup.  Smoothies the whole family will love.

    and much more!

    Imagine if you had the right resource that would make your days easier and your worries go away. 

    When I had my first classroom as a Special Education Pre-School Teacher I worked in a school that had no gym.  So during the winter months when we couldn’t use the playground it was up to me to find ways to get them moving inside the classroom.  I had a small space with 8 children.  I had to come up with ideas to get them moving and learning with minimal space and supplies.  They needed activities to move and follow directions as well as independent play and activities they could do on their own.  The activities you get here can all be done at home without spending much money.

    When I had my first child, we lived in a basement.  We were saving money to buy a house. The plan was to be out of the basement before he was walking and crawling.  Things did not happen according to the plan.  He was now mobile and had very little room to do much.  I needed to make use of the space we had.  I thought back to being in that tiny classroom and what I did then to help the kids.  One of my son’s favorite activities was running around the dining room table.  I would sometimes run with him, great exercise, but if I didn’t he would run and give me high five.  This is how I taught my son to count.  Every time he went around the table we would count.  He didn’t even know he was learning to count.  He got to run and release energy, while learning and I didn’t pay for anything.

    I’ve done all these activities at home.  Here you will find everyday solutions to keep your toddler busy while learning and maintaining your sanity.

    Some questions you might have??

    1. What happens after I invest in this product?

    -Add the item to your cart, checkout, and purchase. 
    -The file will be sent to your email address
    - Print instantly on your printer at home or read on your computer. (Do not print from your phone, you will lose content.)

         2. What size are the pages?

    -Printable size is 8 1/2" X 11" - paper size pages

         3. When to use this item?

    -Print the pages as often as you need.   

    - Keep the stages of development as a reference guide.

    -Print out the activities and keep on the fridge for when you are at a loss for what to do.     

    Any further questions, please feel free to ask me at

    About the author

    Rachel Kurian

    I am a Special Education Teacher that works in Early Intervention.  I am a New York State certified teacher in Special and General Education, and Literacy, from birth through grade six.  I specialize in toddlers through early elementary school.

    I love seeing children learn and progress.  I wanted to share my expertise with others.  Blogging and writing this book has allowed me to use my professional skills to help other families.

     I am a mother of two boys.  The oldest is seven and in second grade, and my youngest is 2 years old.  I'm a wife to a wonderful man who encourages me to push myself and do more. 

    As parents of toddlers, your days are hectic.  Your time is limited and you need something to turn to for ideas to help you. The Toddler Enrichment Ebook is here to help make your day to day life a little easier.