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A family’s brush with the past will threaten the fabric of their lives.

Eight months pregnant and her Navy husband away on a mission, Grace Freeman craves the security of her childhood home in Canada.

When a letter written by her long-lost mother is found in an old writing desk it creates a tear in the fabric of her family.

Can Grace find a way to bring peace to those she loves, or will a message from the past destroy their future?

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Amazon Review

Magnificent!! What a wonderfully engaging short story this is. True to life and well defined characters and a heartrending yet truly heartwarming plot make this read a true gem. Jacquie Biggar has put a novel into this short story and it is one that any reader will fall in love with.

Moving, stirring, and enthralling makes this a 5 star short story read!


Amazon Review

Don’t let the fact that this is a short story fool you. It is so well written and filled with so much emotion.
A beautiful, heartwarming, emotional story of coming home and clearing up misunderstandings .

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