Break Free Program

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Are you ready to BREAK FREE?

  • Do you struggle with a lack of self-confidence or negative body image?
  • Are you experiencing negative self-talk or limiting beliefs?
  • Do you turn to food for comfort or distraction when times get tough?
  • Are you unhappy when you look in the mirror?
  • Do you often compare yourself to others or look externally for validation?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions...

This program is for YOU!

Discover the brand new YOU once you finally BREAK FREE!

What's Included:

  • Six week online program 
  • Online tasks for you to complete weekly to build the self love habit
  • You will be part of our private Break Free Facebook group where you can share experiences, thoughts and feelings, and hold each other accountable in a safe and loving space  
  • A weekly, live Zoom group mentorship session each Wednesday night to discuss the tasks and answer any questions
  • Regular check ins through the Facebook group.

If you're tired of putting yourself last and are ready to take the steps to show yourself the LOVE you truly deserve, keep reading, this is for YOU...

Week 1

Building the Foundations of Mindfulness

Get clear on your why, what you wish to achieve and what's been holding you back. Begin to look within, feel at peace and learn to listen to your inner voice. Speak kindly to yourself with daily affirmations for self love and empowerment. Develop an attitude of gratitude to appreciate and cherish the small things, while cultivating more goodness in your life.

Week 2

Healing Past Hurts

Reconnect with your inner child, showing unconditional love, allow her the space to play. Learn where your limiting beliefs may have come from and begin letting go of the old stories that no longer serve you. Become mindful of critical self-talk, speaking kind compassionate words to yourself and see the positive transformation. Practice forgiveness for yourself and others with powerful forgiveness statements and journaling to let go.

Week 3

Self Love and Acceptance

Build your confidence, foster a compassionate and forgiving connection with yourself, learning to love the woman in the mirror. Reconnect with your true authentic self and appreciate your body exactly the way she is. Show your body the respect and gratitude she deserves with non-negotiable self-care.

Week 4

Love Food That Heals

Feel relaxed and confident around food. No more yoyo diets or stressing about going out to dinner with friends. Learn to eat mindfully and crave quality foods that will nourish and fuel your body from the inside. Make the best lifestyle choices coming from a place of love, not self-punishment or deprivation.

Week 5

Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

Get back to basics with meal prep, where to shop, what to look for and chewing food properly. Ditch the myth about fats making us fat and learn why good quality fats are so important for optimal health. I also share some of my all time favourite recipes for you to enjoy.

Week 6

Your Future is Bright

Feel alive with more energy to take on the day. Write a promise letter to yourself and continue moving forward. Look how far you've come and build an action plan for your future. Continue reshaping those limiting beliefs and embrace your new found lease on life!

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What do clients say

My name is Jade and for many years I struggled with an eating disorder and negative self talk. I had no self confidence or self worth and always looked externally for validation, constantly comparing myself to others, but never feeling good enough.

It was a long road to recovery, with the help of therapists, coaches and lots of inner work I now love and appreciate my body unconditionally and I want this for you too!

Now I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach passionate about empowering women to break free of emotional eating, negative self talk and poor body image, to live a life full of confidence, self compassion and love.