Struggle with consistently spending time with God? Join this free challenge filled with practical action steps to help you encounter His love, overcome your doubt, and find more fulfillment in your relationship with Christ.

What People Are Saying:

Imani Brown

The Jesus is Bae Challenge is nothing short of life-changing. I learned so much about how crucial it is to be completely open with the group, yourself, and Jesus! There were so many things that I thought I knew about Jesus and his desire for a relationship with me that I actually didn't fully understand. And this challenge did nothing but reinforce and hammer those things into my spirit! Whether you are single, dating, or married taking the time to do this challenge full-out will bring nothing but revelation, community, and at the end of the day a new perspective on Jesus' love for you.

Ultimately, this challenge helped me gain new friendships, a fresh sense of identity/belonging in Christ, and confidence in what it means to live a life sold-out for Jesus. I could go on and on about how much this entire experience has meant to me, but I pray that it does even more for you!

Nicolette Moinet

It was wonderful to go through the Jesus is Bae Challenge. It really held me accountable and God worked through my devotions each day to teach me and guide me both personally and professionally. I also felt very challenged by the topics each week and dove deeper into the Word because of the guidance of this challenge.

I loved having the Facebook group as a place to hear about how God was working in the lives of others and I was inspired by other women of faith. We all can learn so much from each other and this community of believers that Transparency Blog has created truly blessed me.