Align higher planning across the organization with smaller-scale management with Jira Integration on Agilefant. Agilefant & Jira integration helps you overcome all problems you have in using Jira.

Higher Planning Made Easy

Agilefant Jira integration helps you solve Jira problems in unifying your organization. Give high level managers ability to perform higher planning and follow up easily and efficiently: 

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE)
  • Product roadmapping
  • Portfolio management
  • Program planning and more (you name it!)

Meanwhile, portfolio managers and project managers can be certain that everything is under control and aligned with the planning. 

Increased Visibility

Agilefant Jira integration gives everyone greater visibility into project and process development. Members of other functional teams can get instant visibility into IT and software development projects.

Synchronize your JIRA issues to Agilefant to easily see the updates of all team members, and to make bulk changes and to manage process and projects.

Jira sync with Agilefant

Effortless Collaboration

Collaboration between business, operation, design and IT teams is no longer a challenge anymore. No more the endless back-and-forth communication.

Users can easily view and edit a set of issues linked between JIRA and Agilefant. All data is synchronized and updated in real-time so development and IT teams can see changes and take immediate actions.