Jodi is an author and cut-up poet with a penchant for the dark vein of humanity. Her love of narrative has lead her through writing into editing, publishing, book design, tarot and professional development. Her passion for wild, innovative ideas transcends and transgresses standard interpretations of story and form. The life blood of her creative exploration and expression is collaboration.

As of 2018, she is one third of The JAR Writers' Collective, an innovative publishing outfit that straddles the space between indie author and small press.

Jodi's publications include:

  • Her First Reality, Darkness
  • Elyora
  • The Starling Requiem
  • Shades of Paradox

In 2017 she began to offer co-created tarot readings, drawing on her experience as an author and editor to help clients explore the stories they construct their lives with. In 2021, she began training as a life coach to extend her tarot work, to assist people to find, define and live their best lives.

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The Starling Requiem

Postmarked Piper's Reach

Her First Reality, Darkness