September 10-14, 2023

5-DAY Workshop!

Etsy Made Easy

Etsy Made Easy is designed for beginners to advanced Etsy users 

Etsy Workshop

Who me?

Are you currently creating handmade items? If YES, then YES you!

Why Etsy?

Etsy has reached over 40 MILLION buyers in 2022 alone

Challenged by Technology?

Training will be explained for you in simple, step by step directions

What people are saying:

  • I don't have a business license - Etsy standards do not require a business license to open a store.
  • I listed my items on Etsy, but they are not selling - we will show you how to troubleshoot key areas
  • I work a full time job, I don't have time for Etsy - actually after the initial set up this week to manage your listings can take just a few minutes out of a day. I will show you a few quick tricks!
  • Etsy looks to hard for me, I am not a computer person - no worries, we will be gentle with those of you who are struggling with understanding the techy side of things
  • My work isn't good enough to be listed on Etsy - believe me there is a buyer for everything!  
  • There are so many other people selling on Etsy, my work will never sell! Don't you believe that for one minute!
    Did you know that Etsy has estimated 60.27 MILLION shoppers this year alone? 40% of these are repeat shoppers.

What will I get?

Meet your speaker

Etsy Made Easy

Stephanie Williams

From Illinois with over 1000 sales on Etsy, a successful online retail business, and has been teaching online business strategies to others for over 6 years.

I help people grow their business

Time is ticking...


Our workshop begins on Sunday, September 10, 2023

You can still join after this date, but you might miss out on the live Q&A held every day during the workshop.

Event schedule

Etsy Made Easy daily schedule

08:00 AM CST

Every day a new training will be released

Training video will be available for you to view with a short quiz at the end Sunday thru Thursday.

4:00 PM CST

Live Q&A

Stephanie will be answering your questions about the new content released each day. 


Start implementing

Each day you will be able to start working on your training immediately.