You see this all the time in the FB groups…”what are the top books on imposter syndrome?” “what are the best books on procrastination?”

You can simply fill in the blank, What are the top books on _______? Perfectionism, marketing, productivity…the list goes on and on!

What if there was one website where you can find all those great business related books on all those different topics?

Then again, once you compile your list of books to read, when are you going to have the time to read them all? Let alone process them at a deep level, pulling out those big takeaways, and then finding a way to implement them immediately!

Let’s not forget about the cost to purchase all those books and how to even understand what the hell some of them are even talking about!

So, Imagine this: Imagine having someone read the most influential books related to Private Practice and pulling out the most inspiring ideas (Master Ideas) that can truly help you Master Private Practice today.

Then imagine that guy, me, connecting those Master ideas to other powerful books related to Private Practice, and helping you apply them to your practice today.

Well, that’s what I do with something I call Master Notes. And I present them in a simple PDF document.

Then, Imagine me taking the most outstanding master ideas from those great books and sharing them with you in fun, super simple, super practical, Private Practice Master Classes. On stuff like getting clients, marketing your practice, mindset essentials, being very productive, conquering procrastination, and overcoming imposter syndrome, that sort of thing.

Navy SEALS have instructors that prepare and train them to be the greatest special operatives in the world. I am like your instructor preparing and training you to Master Private Practice.

Why? Because I want for you to achieve that freedom, that flexibility, to be able to make a big difference in the lives of others your way, to make more money, and what’s really important, for you to be able to spend more time with your family and friends while still operating the practice of your dreams. That’s what Master Private Practice membership program is all about. I’d love to have you join me.

Once a member, you'll get access to:

An ever growing library of MASTER NOTES - Book Summaries that help you apply the best ideas from the best books on private practice and mindset immediately!

* And, about 3-5 times per week I will add single MASTER IDEAS helping you to master private practice and your mindset one idea at a time!!

* Plus, an ever growing library of 101 MASTER CLASSES on topics like getting clients, marketing your practice, mindset essentials, being very productive, conquering procrastination, and overcoming imposter syndrome.

* Get MONTHLY ACCESS to some of the TOP EXPERTS AND AUTHORS in the field of private practice and mindset!!!

* Throughout the year, I will conduct live  MASTER WORKSHOPS where I will provide guidance and coaching helping you address struggles like imposter syndrome, marketing mindset, and more. All of these workshops will be stored so you can have access at anytime.

Learn from Private Practice Warrior Master Instructor, Chris Swenson, LMFT

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