The Low-Down

Say Yes!

Say YES to educating yourself about DoTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (a.ka. the fastest-growing-health movement in the world!) AND experiencing these oils for yourself, for free, from the comfort of your own home. 

I mean, why would you say no?!

Clarity Call

Receive a five minute clarity call from us to ensure this is the best time for you to learn, and for us to teach you, about these incredible tools. 

We'll also check you qualify to receive the high-vibes we're about to deliver here. 

Free Care Parcel

Bills. Bills. Bills.....OMG  an actual parcel with a handwritten letter and everything!

That's right, a parcel of therapeutic  grade essential oil love, sent via snail mail right to your doorstep,  from us to you.


Open.  Inhale.  Smile.

And, let the postie know why your post smells 





Join our private facebook group where you'll connect with other health-lovers and budding oil-geeks to receive your essential oil education.


Over the course of one week,   learn the basics about working with essential oils,  what to do with your free samples, and how to get these high-vibe plants into your life so they can work their magic for you too.

Registration for the next oil camp closes in...



As soon as you register you'll receive a link to a free ebook on the emotional benefits of working with essential oils. So if you're a keen and curious bean, you can get cracking on your essential education right away.