The Mothership is your online community 

You're in the right place to get the support,  information and advice every new mum is looking for. 

No need for endless online searches for information,  YouTube videos that leave you feeling more confused or worrying about what is 'normal'. 

The Mothership gives you that peace of mind,  access to experts, information set out in easy to navigate topics eg Weaning, Colic, Sleep plus a growing bank of videos you can use anytime. 

Yes there's help available for new parents;

  • NCT
  • baby classes
  • Celebrity influencers on Instagram 
  • Facebook Groups full of worried mums giving other worried mums 'advice'! 
  • Health professionals who will visit and encourage you to contact them if you need anything beyond the routine appointments, but isn't it always evenings and night time when you want reassurance or answers?

There's nothing that has everything all in one place..... until now!

With 25yrs experience of working with families I have used my professional knowledge, skills and expertise to create something unique that will provide all you're looking for ... and more!

So join The Mothership today!

  • Stop the worry
  • Get the answers you need
  • Evidence-based information 
  • Connect with other mums 
  • Join our private Hub to ask questions (and get answers) whenever they crop up 
  • Access a baby class or exercise class whenever you want
  • Involve partners and make parenting a family affair and not just your 'role'
  • Listen to guest experts (health visitor, physio, sleep, first aid, maternal mental health) and ask any questions 
  • Be the mummy YOU want to be!

Babies are 24/7 and so is The Mothership .... because being a mum isn't all plain sailing!

The best part is, it's only £12 a month - that 's £3 a week, the price of a cup of coffee in a cafe - and that's without the cake!

£12 a month for evidence-based information curated by an experienced health visitor and Mum and Baby Expert.