The Mothership 

with Claire Currie

Your online membership to help you navigate YOUR way through motherhood

From overwhelm to calm confidence

Helping you to find your motherhood 'sea-legs'.

The Mothership will be your...

  • map and compass to inform and help you navigate your way through the overwhelm,
  • rudder and wheel to keep you steer your way and keep you on-course, 
  • anchor to hold you steady when life feels too choppy,
  • sail to lift you, support you and celebrate your wins,
  • friendly crew of mummy-mates to travel with you and together explore all that motherhood brings.

There's no tie-in, so you can come out whenever you like. I want mummies in there who are loving the content, feeling uplifted and making mum friends, so I make it super easy for you to leave if you're just not 'feeling it'. You simply cancel your membership.

The best part is, it's only £12 a month - that 's £3 a week, the price of a cup of coffee in a cafe - and that's without the cake!

£12 a month for evidence-based information curated by an experienced health visitor and Mum and Baby Expert, access to amazing experts every month, LIVE Q&A sessions and video classes for you, your baby and your toddler.... plus a loving mummy community to guide and support you!

PS: Don't worry the price for you will NEVER go up even if it goes up for new members when the doors open again. It will remain the price you paid for as long as you're a member of The Mothership.