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You what?!
You send out daily emails?!

Yes, yes I do.

You see, about five years ago, when I was trying to work out who I was and what I should be doing, I was working as a temp in an office trying not to pull my own skin off (offices and I don't mix well), and I saw an advert.

I clicked, I signed up and I ended up on the mailing list of this woman who helped small business owners with their marketing.

And she emailed them EVERY DAY.

And I loved it. For a whole year, those little emails motivated me, taught me and I genuinely missed them when she skipped a day.

So, I'm taking everything that I learned from that experience and I've created an email community for Write into the Woods.

I hope you'll join us.

By signing up, you will get DAILY emails every weekday, and I promise that:

  • they won’t be long (definitely no longer than this email)
  • they won’t be overly salesy when I do mention something salesy
  • they will be filled with hits of advice, inspiration and motivation for your writing
  • you can hit reply and I will reply without trying to sell ALL the stuff (despite this woman having the same tastes as me she was very difficult to talk to. She didn’t care that we both loved Firefly, she just wanted me to become a client).

What will you get out of this?

  • Daily motivation, advice and a helping hand in your inbox for your writing.
  • Access to new writing courses first along with discount codes.
  • First access to any group programmes I run in 2020 (depending on interest).
  • A writing coach in your pocket.