Utilizing 30 Prompts over 30 Days

Purpose is using the unique gifts and talents God gave you to serve others. But wouldn't it be magical if we could do this ease, joy, and fulfillment?

Here's the thing: you have a responsibility to live up to your greatest potential! 

Why? Because every moment you hold yourself back from your purpose, you also hold back the people you're supposed to help!

God didn't give you your gifts for nothin'.

With this 30-for-30 Journal, you will:

  • spend time each day digging into the your deepest thoughts, desires, and qualities 
  • discover how you can serve others with your unique characteristics
  • cultivate the courage to be your authentic self
  • build a life you're excited to wake up to
  • embrace your authenticity
  • gain clarity, confidence, and alignment


Melissa Stuart

Hi there! I’m Melissa Stuart, Audacity Coach, Live with Audacity Podcast host, and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

In 2002, I had my first bout of audacity and left my abusive marriage with two kids. Since this life change, I've embraced my audacity and learned that God made me for a unique purpose. 

Through healing, God's guidance, and rediscovering who I am, I've gone from hot mess mama to successful mompreneur and I want to help you do that, too!