When I started designing this course  back in August 2018 I never dreamed it would one day evolve into this.  Originally, I created the cards myself using CC0 images from Pixabay, I used old dialogues from the famous How Now Brown Cow, and my handouts were rather  plain and amateur. 

Having tested and used my materials extensively, in January 2020 I decided it was time to turn this course into something truly great, something that would make me proud and, most of all, something that would help other teachers in their classes, not just me.

I hired a graphic designer (and English teacher, by the way)  - Hi Asia! - to draw my cards, and together we created 120 images to practice three groups of sounds that are problematic for students: voiced and voiceless /th/, /I/ vs /i:/, and /ae/ vs /e/

Then I wrote 6 dialogue scenarios - tongue twisters - to practice the sounds above.  

Throughout my teaching career I've never found identical listening materiaIs that would be recorded in different varieties of English.  I've always wanted to be given a choice that is why, in my course, I decided to hire British and American speakers to record the dialogues.  

You, the teacher, will be able to choose whether you want the Standard American English accent or the Standard British accent. In future editions I would also like to add Irish English, Scottish English, Australian English and Non-native English into the mix.

That's not all! All dialogues are recorded in two levels which means you can  use these materials with lower level students as well.

That is still not all! What has always frustrated me with listening materials was the inability to listen to specific lines of dialogue with ease. I would always have to rewind the track, look for the exact second when someone said something, waste time, and annoy the students in the process. 

Guess what! In this course each line of conversation from the higher level has also been prepared for you as a separate file. This means that if you want to drill a specific fragment of the conversation or focus on connected speech,  you can simply play that file from the list.

Next, I created a treasure trove of handouts to help you teach all the problematic sounds; to make it fun for the students, to show them that studying this aspect of language can be edutaining as well!  

Everything is ready-made! All you need to do is read the 4 ebooks (circa 150 pages)  and you can rock!

Unfortunately, the materials available on the market for teaching pronunciation are rather poor. There is also a lot of supplementing that one must do, even if they find something worthwhile.  I want to change that! I want to give you a comprehensive, complete collection of materials that you can simply print and use in your classroom!

I also think there is not enough pronunciation being taught at schools. Students graduate, go abroad, and start panicking because they realize they cannot communicate properly. 

We need to change that! We need to show that learning correct, natural pronunciation can be fun, entertaining, and, most of all, educational. I truly believe that my "new baby", my biggest project yet will help you achieve just that!

120 cards in pdf

Cards are minimal pairs that will help you teach:

  •  voiced and voiceless /th/
  • /I/ vs /i:/ sounds (shit vs sheet),
  • /ae/ vs /e/ sounds (bad vs bed).

85 handouts in pdf!!!

24 Bingo Cards

 There are 3 sets, 8 unique boards in each.

6 Orchestra handouts

Used for choral / pair / individual drilling.

6 Hearsay! handouts

Used for intensive listening and drilling to be played in threes.

4 Ultimate Boards

Used for various activities with all words from each set.

3 table handouts

Used for pair work / group work for various activities.

18 listening handouts

3 types of activities for each of the 6 dialogues.

6 dialogues

  • All dialogues are recorded in two English varieties: British English and American English.  In future editions more  varieties will be added.
  • Each dialogue is recorded twice for lower and higher levels. 
  • All lines of dialogue from the 6 sets can be played as individual files to practice  connected speech or  focus on individual sentences

12 connected speech handouts

With the 6 dialogues included in the course you can practice:

In British English:

  • Elision, 
  • Schwa weak forms (in verbs, prepositions, articles, pronouns)
  • Intrusive /j/, /w/, /r/

In American English:

  • Elision
  • Schwa weak forms (in verbs, prepositions, articles, pronouns)
  • Intrusive /j/
  • Alveolar /t/, Glottal /t/,  Silent /t/
  • Assimilation

12 connected speech cheat sheets

Key connected  speech in each of the six dialogues is transcribed into IPA for the British English and American English versions.

All recorded dialogues are 100%  original and done by British and American natives.

  • The Thoughtful Husband
  • Teething and Teasing
  • An Eerie Crime in Aberdeen
  • A Pitcher of Gin
  • The Task at Hand
  • Pen-mending Ken

4 ebooks

Each element of the course is explained in four comprehensive teacher-book-type ebooks:

  • Jus' Say It - How to Use Cards 
  • Jus' Say It - How to Use Handouts 
  • Jus' Say It - How to Use Dialogues
  • Jus' Say It - How to Teach Connected Speech

More than 150 pages of practical ideas and activities!

December 2020 Add-on

      Starting from December 2020 all members of the Jus' Say It course will receive the Frogero Dialogue Pack from frogero.com where students can practice speaking skills outside the classroom. You'll get the 6 dialogues from this course prepared 12 times (for British English and American English) which you will be able to send to your students as homework. They can then listen to the dialogues at their own pace, practice the problematic sounds and connected speech, and most importantly, they'll be able to record themselves and send the tracks toyou through the website!!!

      As a VIP member you also receive the Silver Subscription for a year which gives you an extra save of  60 zł!

Bonus materials for VIP members

VIP members receive all of the above and also:

  • Bonus listening track: 52 "very naughty" minimal pairs recorded in British and American English - MATERIALS ONLY TO BE USED WITH ADULT LEARNERS

  • 13 pages of activities for Very Naughty pairslist of pairs, gap fills, detailed glossary of all words

  • Low Levels Handout pack - 52 handouts + audio minimal pairs to practice the key sounds in this course with A1 students (premiere 8th October 2020)

  • Frogero Dialogue Pack with the Silver Subscription option of membership which save you 60 zł! (premiere December 2020)

339 PLN / 70 GBP

Get it now!

    • 120 original cards
    • 6 original recorded dialogues in BE and AE
    • 85 handouts
    • 4 books (+150 pages!)
    • Instructional Videos
    • Access to the course for 12 months
    • Bonus listening materials and 13 handouts with 52 "very naughty" minimal pairs
    • 52 extra handouts to practice the sounds with very low levels (worth 39 zł)
    • Frogero Dialogue Pack + Silver subscription (worth 60 zł)
    • Free access to any future materials added to this course

299 PLN / 60 GBP

Get it now!

  • 120 original cards
  • 6 original recorded dialogues in BE and AE
  • 85 handouts
  • 4 books (+150 pages!)
  • Instructional Videos
  • Access to the course for 12 months
  • Frogero Dialogue Pack of 12 dialogues to use in the free subscription

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