Beyond traditional education


The stage is the most demanding, and the most effective, teacher: you have to get on stage well before you finish your studies and learn how to use what many call "fear" as a positive charge.


I am genuinely happy to help my students solving their problems; each solution I propose has been experienced firsthand on myself.

Is that all?

No, because all of this is indispensable but it is not enough on its own, not in the complex reality in which we live today.

Soft Skills

What are the Soft Skills? All those skills that are not acquired in the academic context, but are often as important as the others - if not more so. We live in a historical moment in which the routine that stresses us and the new needs required by the outside world make it necessary to acquire skills that were not needed before: without knowing how to thoroughly organize your time and plan your study, you will not be able to build an effective path; without asking the right questions, you could lose a lot of time and resources, and without the instruments that help you direct your energy correctly, you risk getting tired earlier than expected and not reaching your goals due to a simple lack of knowledge and information. I work to make sure that you know how to become the best coach for yourself.