What readers are saying...

The Lost One

"One of those books you finish and half hope there will be a sequel to."

"A great story told by a talented writer."

"This was a great read for sure. I couldn't put it down."

Helen Had a Sister

"Well written intriguing and a beautifully moving ending!"

"This was a wonderful book to read which offered a new an interesting perspective."

Death on D'Urville

Claire Hardcastle Mysteries - Vol 1

"This is a crime novel which, once started, is impossible to put down."

"I really enjoyed this book. Hated to put it down. Looking forward to the next in the series."

Straight and Level

Claire Hardcastle Mysteries - Vol 2

"Female, flying and fatalities - what more could you want?"

"I enjoyed this mystery. Claire Hardcastle is a great heroine."

Stall Turns

Claire Hardcastle Mysteries - Vol 3

"So much was happening it was hard to put down."

"This was Penelope Haines' best Claire Hardcastle Mystery yet."

About the author

Penelope Haines

Penelope Haines became a writer when she realized she could gaze out of the window with a glass of wine in her hands and claim to be working.

She maintains she's a single minded person, having one dog, one cat, one horse, and one husband.