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Allen Steadham

Christian Fiction Author

Science-Fantasy, Superhero, Steampunk and more!


I'm Allen Steadham

I write for the Lord. He inspires me to create clean stories that captivate, inspire and entertain, taking you to the edge of your seat with suspense, action, intensity and wonder — all with the intent of glorifying God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am a happily married man with three children. My wife and I are also musicians and singers in a Christian band.

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My Books


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Leia Hamilton discovers that she has super powers. In discovering who she is, some of her choices have terrible consequences. This leads her to a personal crossroads and a search for redemption.

Jordan's World (Jordan of Algoran series - Book 1)

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Exploring the life of an ordinary young woman torn from all she's ever known, Jordan's World shows that God reigns over the whole universe. Consequences can span solar systems.

Jordan's Arrow (Jordan of Algoran series - Book 2)

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Jordan SnowFire has the daunting task of stopping a war she never asked for. Will she seek the wisdom of God or her tribe? How far will she go to protect her family and the Mokta people?